Free Nature HD Stock Video Footage


Browse through our library of free nature stock videos. Go wild with our carefully curated footage of plant life, oceans, forests and more. All free to download and use for your next project.

Harvest fields on a cloudy day

Green harvest fields on a cloudy day with some trees and mountains in the background.

Mountains and fields

Green harvest fields with trees and mountains in the background under a grey sky.

Sunset behind mountains

Beautiful sunset behind the silhouette of mountains with a cloudy sky.

Sunset behind mountain silhouette

Orange sunset behind the silhouette of a mountain on horizon

Mountain Sunset on a foggy day

Sunset on a day with clouds and fog behind the silhouette of mountains.

Sunny desert plateau

Plateau in the desert on a sunny day with few clouds.

Desert sands from above

Aerial view of the sand of a desert with thickets on a sunny day.

Water falling over stones

Black stone waterfall with water falling over rocks.

Water in a creek

Water surface with waves in a creek.

Wavy water surface

Surface of creek water with waves.

Thin tall trees

Forest full of thin and tall trees.

Dry forest full of trees

Large tree between leafless trees in a forest

Temperate forest with trees

Temperate forest full of green tall and thin trees.

Tall trees in the forest

Tall and thin trees in the forest on a cloudy day.

Water flowing in a river

Water flowing in a river that reflects light.

Water flowing between rocks

Water flowing in timelapse between rocks in a forest.

Black rocks waterfall

Waterfall over black rocks in a temperate forest.

Waterfall in forest

Waterfall with little stones in a temperate forest.

Flying through the clouds

Flying over a gorgeous forest full of green trees with a road nearby.

Forest with mist above

A large forest full of green vegetation with mist above it.

Mountain forest with mist

Mountain forest full of green trees with mist above it.

Winter wind storm in forest

Storm wildly moving the branches of forest trees.

Rain in the woods

Rain storm in the woods with unfocused view.

Forest with leafless trees

Forest full of leafless, tall skinny trees.

A foggy morning in the forest

A panning shot of the early morning fog in the forest with tall grass and green trees

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