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Browse through our library of free nature stock videos. Go wild with our carefully curated footage of plant life, oceans, forests and more. All free to download and use for your next project.

Frozen lake in a forest

A snowy path in a forest with leafless trees with bushes and a frozen lake nearby, and fog covers the horizon and the sky.

Tree in a dry forest

A tree with branches without leaves dry forest with trees and dry grass with the cloudy sky.

Mushroom in the grass

Mushroom in the grass in a forest during a clear sky day.

Sunset in the ranch

Beautiful yellow sunset on a ranch with a fence board with cobwebs.

Cloudy seashore landscape

Beautiful seashore landscape with a calm sea, mountains, and a concrete blocks sea wall on a cloudy sky.

Tetrapod wall in the seashore

Tetrapod wall on the seashore on a day with the calm sea with a small ship sailing on it, and a person walking on the wall.

Flower arrangements

Floral arrangements of different types of flowers along with baskets and vases with grapes in outdoors.

Purple flowers in nature

A stem with purple flowers next to a large tree in a place full of nature on a sunny day.

Path in a forest

Concrete path next to a road in the middle of a forest with few trees.

Pedestrian path in a forest

Pedestrian concrete path next to a road in the middle of a forest with few trees and full of dry bushes.

Sunset over a field

The sun setting with clouds in the sky over a field of grass in autumn.

Little pedestrian bridge in the forest

Little pedestrian bridge in the forest over a river or a lake at sunset.

Frozen river in a winter forest

A frozen river full of snow in a forest full of snow-covered bushes and leafless trees with fog on the horizon.

Sunflower, close up

A large sunflower on a sky blue background

Wild red flowers pan view

Slow panning of red flowers with and out of focus background in a forest.

Time lapse view of a mountain

Time-lapse of a natural landscape with mountains and clouds passing while the sky gradually darkens.

Sunlight through tall trees in a forest

Sunlight through tall trees in a forest. Panning effect from bottom to top of a forest. Nature stabilized video in reverse motion.

Close up of tree branches

Close up video in slow motion of green leaves and branches on a tree during a sunny day. Blurred blue sky in the background.

Branches swaying in the wind

Focused shot of branches and green foliage swaying in the wind on a summer or spring afternoon. Unfocused background of a meadow or forest.

Underside of wild mushroom

Close up of a mushroom cap and tree bark. Slow motion pan video effect.

Waterfall in a forest

Time lapse of a waterfall and sky seen from below.

Forest landscape

Panning across a forest, showing dirt paths and small roads.

View of a waterfall over red rocks

Aerial view of a river that turns into a waterfall in a rocky landscape. Rocky mountains with a river running through them and a three-leveled waterfall on day.

Forest stream in the sunlight

Video filmed with a drone going backwards over a river in a forest.

View of cliffs and a valley

Aerial view of trees in a desert valley in the afternoon. Rocky mountain landscape. Clear blue sky in the background. Mountain stream. Nature landscape.

Green leaves closeup

Green plant stalks swaying slightly in an extreme close up.

Rippling water

Close up of rippling water.

White flower

White chrysanthemum on a purple background, close up.

White flower bouquet

Bouquet of white chrysanthemums on a purple background.

A bouquet of Pink flowers

A bouquet of pink carnations in close up.

Tall and dry grass

Tall and dry grass waving in the breeze in the middle of a desert, with a clear blue sky in the background.

Small green leaves

Green leaves in bunches of three swaying slightly.

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