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Rain in the woods

Rain storm in the woods with unfocused view.

Tree branches when it snows

Tree branches without leaves when it is snowing, the branches have snow on top.

Forest with leafless trees

Forest full of leafless, tall skinny trees.

A foggy morning in the forest

A panning shot of the early morning fog in the forest with tall grass and green trees

Autumn forest with leafless trees

Forest in Autumn with leafless, thin and tall trees.

Tree with yellow leaves on an autumn afternoon

Clear blue sky over a tree with yellow leaves on an autumn afternoon.

Turquoise sea

The waves of the sea in turquoise water foaming.

Clouds and blue sky

Flying through the clouds in a plane, green mountains in the bottom.

Pink flower blooming

Blooming pink flower in a tree with green leaves moving in the wind.

Person touching yellow leaves

Hand touching yellow leaves of a plant in the sunlight

Gems and stones

Hands holding a gemstone and a rock

Lightbulb in snow

Snowy terrain with a single lightbulb on the ground.

Alarm clock in the snow

Alarm clock on the snowy ground of a winter forest.

Small cabin in the snow

Small log cabin in the snow at sunset.

Trees with no leaves

Silhouette of a tree that has lost its leaves in winter.

Dry grass during winter in a forest

Dry grass during winter in a forest with leafless trees on a cloudy day.

Branches of a tree without leaves in a forest

Dry grass and tree branches on the ground during autumn in a forest with trees in the background.

Path in a forest during winter

Path with grass and dry grass near some leafless trees in a forest during winter.

Lake in the forest during winter.

Lake and steep road in a forest during winter with trees in the background.

Lake behind two trees in a forest

Lake set behind two trees in a forest with clear skies.

Winter forest with a lake

Lake and dry grass in a forest with leafless trees.

Sunset in the distance in a desert

Great sunset in the distance in a desert landscape with dry grass.

Big lake reflecting sunlight

Large lake reflecting sunlight in a forest seen through a window.

Mushroom growing in grass in a forest at sunset

Mushroom in a forest with almost no trees during sunset as the sun dazzles the camera.

Autumn forest landscape

Path winding behind a tree in a forest in the fall.

Picnic bench in the woods

Picnic bench at sunset in the woods near the silhouette of a large tree.

Picnic table in the forest at sunset

The sunset seen from the seat of a picnic table in the woods.

Sunset in a desert

Sunset illuminates the sky and creates a silhouette in a desert landscape with little vegetation or trees.

Silhouette of a tree before sunset

Silhouette of a tree caused by the sun setting in the desert.

Winter grass covered in snow

Snow covered grass next to trees and a frozen lake in a winter forest.

Frozen lake in a winter forest

Frozen lake on an icy day with haze that covers the sky.

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