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Bleak winter landscape

Snow on the ground and a frozen lake in the background.

Large mushroom in the grass

Fungus in green grass with an unfocused background.

Abandoned wooden boat

An old wooden boat abandoned in a forest

A person sowing a seed

A person digs a hole in the ground with a shovel and then leaves a seed and begins to cover the hole.

A hose and a plant

A hose drips onto the ground of a plant while sunlight dazzles the camera.

Snowflakes in a forest

Snowflakes falling slowly in a forest with trees.

Flowers in nature

Yellow, purple and white flowers in a field with green grass being moved by the wind.

Tree branches when it snows

Tree branches without leaves when it is snowing, the branches have snow on top.

Sunset over marshlands

Sunlight over marshlands water in a forest.

Red flower of a tree in a garden

Red flower hangs from the branches of a tree with green leaves in a garden during a sunny day.

Yellow flowers in a garden

Yellow flowers and floral trees in a garden with a kiosk near them.

Kiosk in a garden

Kiosk with windows is in the middle of a garden with plants, flowers and trees during a sunny day.

A garden full of plants and flowers

Garden with plants, flowers and trees surrounding a kiosk.

Grass in the forest

Grass in a forest with long thin trees being illuminated by sunlight.

Quiet forest

Calm forest full of grass, trees and plants, sunlight enters from the top of the trees.

Forest illuminated by the sun's rays

The sun's rays pass through the trees of a forest and illuminate part of it.

Tree in the forest

Close up of the bark of a tree that is in a temperate forest that is being illuminated by the sun's rays.

The sun's rays in the forest

The sun's rays dazzle the camera as they reach a forest with tall trees.

A forest with trees and grass

A forest full of trees and grass seen from behind a tree.

Forest in autumn

Forest full of dry leaves on the ground with an abandoned shed nestled among the trees.

Forest during the morning

Forest full of nature receiving the sun's rays during the morning.

Palm tree covering the sun's rays

Palm tree among green-leaved trees hides the sun behind it on a day with the clear blue sky.

Abandoned wooden boats

The ruins of abandoned wooden boats in the middle of nature near a mountain.

Landscape of a small lake among the grass

Un cuerpo de agua detrás de una columna de ladrillos vieja en medio de la naturaleza con hierba, árboles y un monte a lo lejos.

Ship in ruins

A ruined wooden ship abandoned among the grass.

Abandoned ship

Ruins of an abandoned wooden boat near the grass outdoors in the nature.

Abandoned ships

Two wooden ships in abandoned ruins in a remote place.

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