Brilliant DaVinci Resolve Templates

For you to use in your next video project, for free!

Download DaVinci Resolve Templates

With the help of these free DaVinci Resolve templates, you can create brilliant video projects. Simply download and start editing with no attribution or sign up required.

From call outs to lower thirds, titles to Instagram Stories, these easy to customise DaVinci Resolve templates are all available to download for free.

Line Drop Lower Third

DaVinci Resolve.comp

Main heading and subheading with a separating line and drop animation.

Channel Box Subscribe Button

DaVinci Resolve.comp

An animated channel container with branding, name, tagline and button.

Split Subscribe Prompt

DaVinci Resolve.comp

A multi line subscribe prompt. With a drop in text animation.

Animated Line Lower Third

DaVinci Resolve.comp

A simple lower third with an animated intro and motion blur outro.

Fast Text Transition Title

DaVinci Resolve.comp

A fast text animation with changing background colors and logo reveal.

Basic Story Template

DaVinci Resolve.comp

A basic Instagram Story template. With animated text and tagline.

Video Drop Story

DaVinci Resolve.comp

A drop in shape animation with a video mask and headline.

Gradient Shape Animation Story

DaVinci Resolve.comp

An animated intro with heading, vertical tagline and video mask.

Motion Blur Swipe Transition

DaVinci Resolve.comp

A quick and smooth transition to the right, pulling the next clip towards the last.

Reminder Text Prompt

DaVinci Resolve.comp

An animated text field prompting the user to subscribe.

Single Line Callout

DaVinci Resolve.comp

A single heading block with an animated line and radial pointer.

Simple Dot Callout

DaVinci Resolve.comp

A simple callout animation with a heading, subheading and dot pointer.

Quick Switch Text Title

DaVinci Resolve.comp

A fast flowing text animation with a logo reveal at the end.

Progress Radial Lower Third

DaVinci Resolve.comp

A loading style radial animation with heading text and tagline.

Simple Video Mask Title

DaVinci Resolve.comp

A simple video text mask with a heading.

Dual Line Arrow Callout

DaVinci Resolve.comp

A larger callout with two lines and an arrow pointer.

Twist And Drop Logo Title

DaVinci Resolve.comp

A twist and drop animation for graphics.

Thin Border Lower Third

DaVinci Resolve.comp

A rounded lower third with two thin borders.

Three Heading Callout

DaVinci Resolve.comp

A multi line callout with a dot callout.

Fast Intro And Twist Title

DaVinci Resolve.comp

A 3D animation intro and twist animation for logos.

Animated Text Split Lower Third

DaVinci Resolve.comp

Heading with a dividing line and animated text.

Spin Reverse Callout

DaVinci Resolve.comp

A single heading with a spinning pointer, exits with a faster rewind animation.

Drop And Catch Logo Title

DaVinci Resolve.comp

A 3D animation drop and catch logo animation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The free DaVinci Resolve templates available on Mixkit have been designed to work best with DaVinci Resolve 16.

Yes, the Mixkit DaVinci Resolve template files once added to DaVinci Resolve are customizable in different ways. Depending on the template you have downloaded you will see customization available for colors, fonts, sizes, anchor positions, timing and more.

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