Free Water Sound Effects

105 Free Water Sound Effects. Dive right into an extensive collection of free water sounds made by talented creators. From crashing waves and waterfalls to sipping and gurgling throughout a meal, this collection of water sounds will whet your appetite for your next video project. All of our sound effects are free to download and ready to use in your next video or audio project, under the Mixkit License.


Insects, birds and frogs in the swamp ambience

Natural ambience with flowing water and birds

Liquid poured in a jar with ice

Pouring a drink with ice cubes into a glass


Human sipping and drinking water


Sipping water from a straw


Throat sounds drinking water


Pouring a small drink


Drinking water quickly


Drinking water from water bottle


Quick sip from a drink


Swallowing a water drink in the throat

Swallowing a drink from a plastic bottle


Human swallowing a small drink


Mouth sipping a hot small drink


Swallowing a big sip of water


Large pour of water with ice cubes

Pouring a carbonated drink


Swallowing water slowly


Wallowing drink quickly

Fall on foam splash

Fairy water spell

Healing water spell with deep hit

Heal soft water spell

Sinking in the sea

Swashing sea water

Jump into the water

Sea swimming loop

Rowing on the sea loop

Motorboat on the sea

Sea mine explosion

Sea waves with birds loop

Wooden ship on the sea

Sea waves ambience

Running out from sea

Sea water splash

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