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Browse through our library of free nature stock videos. Go wild with our carefully curated footage of plant life, oceans, forests and more. All free to download and use for your next project.

Beautiful sunset landscape

Beautiful sunset over mountains silhouette with a clear sky.

Purple lettuce and yellow leaves

A wet purple lettuce and yellow leaves next to it.

Sea wave on the sand

Sea wave leaving the sandy coast.

Mangrove swamp with green nature

Mangrove swamp with green nature reflected in the water.

Sky time-lapse

Sky time-lapse with clouds moving.

Yellow flower macro close up

Yellow flower with large leaves, macro close up.

White little flowers

White little wet flowers and green leaves, close up shot.

Bunches of unopened flowers

Bunches of pink unopened flowers full of drops of water.

Green branches and leaves

Green wet branches and leaves, close up.

Wet flowers with green leaves

Close up shot of pink, red and white wet flowers with green leaves.

Moon in the sky at the evening

Time-lapse shot of the moon in the sky at the evening.

Sea waves hitting rocks

Time-lapse of sea waves hitting rocks in the seashore at the beach.

Cloudy sky getting dark

Time-lapse video of a cloudy sky at dusk.

Wet green plants

An ecosystem of wet green succulents.

Pink tulip underwater

A pink tulip with green leaves underwater in slow motion.

Bubbles underwater with black background

A bunch of air bubbles in motion underwater with black background.

Single drop falling into the water

A drop falling into the water with gray background, underwater view.

Two corporate buildings of a city

Two tall corporate buildings in a city during the day with a blue cloudy sky.

Forest full of trees

A forest full of green trees, aerial view.

Drops of rainwater

Raindrops against an unfocused background.

Golden leaves being moved by the wind

Crop field with golden leaves being moved about by the wind.

Sunrise and mist over freeway

Misty sunrise over mountains and trees with freeway traffic below.

Clouds before a storm

Storm clouds gathering before a storm hits.

Stormy day at beach

Storm about to occur at the beach with palms being moved by the wind under a cloudy sky.

Forest of narrow trees

A forest full of tall and thin trees.

Crop fields at sunrise

Crop fields with roads between them at sunrise.

Fields on a cloudy day

Green fields with roads between them at sunrise with cloudy sky.

Misty sunrise over green fields

Green farm fields with aeriel view of misty sunrise

Small town with green fields

Small town set between green farm fields and a road.

Raindrops on green leaves

Raindrops falling from the green leaves of a tree on a wet day.

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