Free Funny Sound Effects

54 Free Funny Sound Effects. Tired of browsing through dull sounds, or are you simply looking for a laugh? You'll find the perfect sound to put a smile on your dial here in this collection of funny sound effects. Choose from funny cartoon sounds, hilarious laughter, or quirky noises. All of our sound effects are free to download and ready to use in your next video or audio project, under the Mixkit License.


Little cartoon creature hiccup

Falling into mud surface

Falling male scream

Cartoon falling whistle

Small crowd laugh and applause

Laughing teenagers

Sad game over trombone

Cartoon failure piano

Cartoon sad party horn

Cartoon clown fun nose sound

Sad party horn sound

Happy party horn sound

Drum joke accent

Cartoon toy whistle

Trombone disappoint

Cartoon dazzle hit and birds

Children happy countdown

Musical game over

Winning an extra bonus

Quick funny kiss

Cartoon friendly kiss

Cartoon character sneeze

Cartoon positive sound

Funny squeaky toy hits

Funny squeaky toy

Clown squeaky toy

Winding up toy

Funny little creature laughing

Creepy little creature

Funny cartoon laugh

Funny critter laugh

Funny fail low tone

Funny game lose tone

Funny kid voice

Clown funny sound

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