Free Misc Sound Effects

78 Free Misc Sound Effects. Discover a mix of sounds that are crazy, simple, loud and out of this world! This collection of miscellaneous sounds may contain the sample you have been searching high and low for. Complete your next video project by choosing from magic spells and festive cheers to bubbles and even white noise. All of our sound effects are free to download and ready to use in your next video or audio project, under the Mixkit License.


Duct tape bandage

Rock golem walking

Short hit


Car door close

Scary slam

Short impact static

Robotic phaser game touch

Short rising thud

Creepy clang

Cast iron pan set down

Neutral bot pinbal tone

Metal bar movement hits

Warehouse metal hit

Long giant water pour into vat

Small wood plank pile drop

Robotic servo buzz alert

Break egg on pot or pan

Undertone bass item

Toaster oven eject bread

Mechanical brush transition

Conjunctioning squeal item

Set down jelly jar

Robotic engine malfunction

Pluck up item

Positive game alert

Shuffling gear mech item

Robot death

Mechanical crate pick up

Game liquid game hit

Blender wisk automated engine

Creaky wooden scrap

Thin metal plate drop

Wrong answer mech styled

Sci fi power up

Transition flying swoosh

Bit war suprise item

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