Free Applause Sound Effects

41 Free Applause Sound Effects. Add the moment every performer strives for, the scene of the final curtain fall or even the begging of an encore with this collection of clapping and applause sounds. From crowds cheering and soft claps to a wild and roaring round of applause, these free sounds deserve a standing ovation. All of our sound effects are free to download and ready to use in your next video or audio project, under the Mixkit License.


Cartoon monkey applause

Audience light applause

Stadium crowd light applause

Small crowd laugh and applause

Small crowd ovation

Clapping male crowd

Crowd clapping

Small group clapping

Conference audience clapping strongly

End of show clapping crowd

Ending show audience clapping

One man clapping

Crowd in church applauding

Medium size crowd applause

Church moderate applause

Classroom spontaneous applause

Church light applause

Auditorium moderate applause and cheering

Church short spontaneous applause

Rhythmic applause and cheering

Small group moderate applause

Classroom long applause and whistle

Concert hall stomping applause

Stand up club audience applause

Football team applause

Girls audience applause

Girl fans applause

Light applause with laughter audience

Applause ambience loop

Girls crowd cheer, scream, and applause

Medium size group applause and laugh

Small group light applause

Small group cheer and applause

Theatre audience light applause

Small audience weak applause

Rhythmic audience clapping loop

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