Free Swoosh Sound Effects

57 Free Swoosh Sound Effects. Feel the rush of air or water whiz past with these free whoosh sound effects. Add sweeping and swooshing sound effects from this collection of commonly used filmmaker sounds to elevate your next project. Choose between slow or fast swooshes or magical and cinematic swooshes. All of our sound effects are free to download and ready to use in your next video or audio project, under the Mixkit License.


Slow sweeping swoosh

Fast sweeping transition

Fast small sweep transition

Long sweeping air swoosh

Fast air sweep transition

Futuristic sweep pass by

Fast sweep transition

Atmospheric wind drum roll swoosh

Air whoosh and whistle

Fairy water spell

Fairy sparkle whoosh

Icicles spell whoosh

Sci Fi tube swoosh

Swoosh wind passing

Big fire magic swoosh

Fire swoosh burning

Ghost fire swoosh

Catapult fire whoosh

Short fire whoosh

Steam swoosh


Swirling short swoosh


Magic swoosh

Short wind swoosh

Quick swoosh


Spellcaster fairy swoosh

Quick swoosh accent


Vacuum swoosh transition

Elevating swoosh


Cinematic laser swoosh

Cinematic transition wind swoosh

Flying fast swoosh

Cinematic muddy swoosh

Cinematic wind swoosh

Quick hit swoosh

Long hit swoosh

Transition windy swoosh

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