Titles Templates for Premiere Pro

268 Free Premiere Pro Templates for Titles. From professional title templates for youtube to to wedding animations for that special day, show and tell your story with our collection of amazing free Premiere Pro title templates. All of our Premiere Pro Templates are free to download and ready to use in your next video project, under the Mixkit License.

Angled Line Title

Premiere Pro / mogrt

Angled heading and sub-heading, with background containers. Stretches in and then out at an angle.

Water animated title

Premiere Pro / mogrt

Animated two-line title revealed by a line of water that fades from left to right. The title disappears with a splash water animation.

Digital Interference Title

Premiere Pro / mogrt

Multiple text boxes with headings and a digital Interference effect.

Animated Cluster Title

Premiere Pro / mogrt

A text delay animation across multiple taglines. Two tone typography and animated exit.

Simple big title and subtitle in a text box

Premiere Pro / mogrt

Big and bold title with a translucent subtitle on a colored text box.

Quick Title Block

Premiere Pro / mogrt

Heading block with a quick intro animation and right-aligned subheading.

Gradient Block Title

Premiere Pro / mogrt

Double title blocks with inverted typography and gradient.

Full-screen title with dot background

Premiere Pro / mogrt

Full-screen title with two lines of text, one with a gradient color effect and one with outline effect and a translucent dot background.

Cube Glyph Title

Premiere Pro / mogrt

Glyph cube effect with digital text and subheadings.

Underlined title

Premiere Pro / mogrt

Title in a moving text box that transforms into a line that underlines the title text.

Simple Title

Premiere Pro / mogrt

A simple title block, with a subheading.

Hard Rise Logo

Premiere Pro / project

A hard rise from the bottom of the frame with a bounce.

Double Box Title

Premiere Pro / mogrt

A shadow box effect, containing a heading and subheading. Text animates in from the top and bottom.

Left Motion Title

Premiere Pro / mogrt

Heading and subheading with which builds from the left.

Inverted Title Block

Premiere Pro / mogrt

Right to left intro animation, returning with alternative style settings.

Knock Effect Headline Title

Premiere Pro / mogrt

Text growth effect with a sub-heading build up.

Double Line Heading Title

Premiere Pro / mogrt

Double lines uncover the heading and sub-headings. Before vanishing.

Neon Advertisement Title

Premiere Pro / mogrt

A traditional neon sign design. Bold neon text with an animated border.

Underwater waves texture title

Premiere Pro / mogrt

Abstract gradient color textures in motion encircling a gradient title and subtitle.

Two-line animated title

Premiere Pro / mogrt

Title of double line of text in different colors that appears animatedly and their movements leave trails of air.

Glitch two-words title

Premiere Pro / mogrt

Glitch two-word title, the first word can have one of its letters with a different color, and the second is framed.

Speech Square Title

Premiere Pro / mogrt

Solid background speech block style heading, with a double line background and subtitle.

Text boxes in motion revealing title and subtitle

Premiere Pro / mogrt

Two moving text boxes that reveal the title and subtitle that are aligned to the center of the screen.

Staggered Title Blocks

Premiere Pro / mogrt

A series of title blocks which move forward towards the focus point of the frame.

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