tagline Templates for Premiere Pro

17 Free Premiere Pro Templates for tagline. All of our Premiere Pro Templates are free to download and ready to use in your next video project, under the Mixkit License.

Fading Movie Credits

Premiere Proproject

Fading movie or documentary style credits. Aligned to the bottom middle of the frame. With a heading and subheading.

Food Lower Third

Premiere Proproject

A lower third featuring a bold title block and multiple taglines. Designed with a recipe in mind.

Title Tagline Lower-third

Premiere Promogrt

A bold heading with a tagline and boxed call to action.

Eighties Neon Title

Premiere Promogrt

A retro neon sign effect with a subheading, split headline and boxed tagline.

Heart Title Block

Premiere Promogrt

A simple heading with a date tagline and animated line art.

Flicker Lower-third

Premiere Promogrt

Heading block switches from one style to another. Solid subheading and tagline.

Word-Flip Lower-third

Premiere Promogrt

Animated headline which cycles between words with a static quote tagline.

Headline Instagram Story

Premiere Promogrt

A large heading and left-aligned subheading. Smaller text tagline and swipe icon.

Twitter Right Lower-third

Premiere Promogrt

A right-aligned logo with simple heading and boxed tagline.

Multi-line Lower-third

Premiere Promogrt

An animated up and aside lower-third with a headline, subheading and tagline.

Hashtag Banner Story

Premiere Promogrt

Rotating text banner which transitions into a tagline wall.

Simple Heading Instagram Story

Premiere Promogrt

Drop shadow layers, three headings and a subheading tagline.

Classic Title Block

Premiere Promogrt

A classic movie style border, which contains a heading, subheading and tagline.

Vintage Instagram Story

Premiere Promogrt

A vintage design, bold text and tagline.

Vibrant Shapes Story

Premiere Promogrt

Animated shape background with a headline container, arrows and a single tagline.

Bold Quote Box

Premiere Promogrt

A simple quote field with an underlined tagline and line background.

Sale Story Board

Premiere Promogrt

Multiple animated shapes, heading and subheading with a tagline.


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