Play Templates for Premiere Pro

13 Free Premiere Pro Templates for Play. All of our Premiere Pro Templates are free to download and ready to use in your next video project, under the Mixkit License.

Rotating Play Button Opener

Premiere Promogrt

A shape field which rotates around the play button. Features a heading and subheading.

Focus Play End Screen

Premiere Promogrt

Next video prompt with social media links, profile picture and an animated play button.

Video Interface Screen

Premiere Promogrt

A replica of the YouTube video interface. With an animated subscribe button and notification icon.

Angled Subscribe Button

Premiere Promogrt

A simple subscribe and notification button overlay.

Revolving Play Banner

Premiere Promogrt

Interactive banner stretched along the bottom of the frame, like, subscribe and an animated play button.

Falling Play Button Opener

Premiere Promogrt

A falling play button with a shape burst effect.

Like And Subscribe Button

Premiere Promogrt

A quick transition from full screen to middle-aligned icon, like and subscribe button with a small subheading.

Animated Play Button Opener

Premiere Promogrt

Simple and clean animated play button opener for YouTube.

Emoji Subscribe Screen

Premiere Promogrt

A creative subscribe button with floating emoji.

Large Play Button Opener

Premiere Promogrt

A large play icon with a channel heading and subheading. Half circle video panel for a channel video.

Play Button Bar

Premiere Promogrt

Animated play button with a username heading and subscribe prompt.

YouTube Play Lower-third

Premiere Promogrt

Play icon aligned to the right, with a simple heading and boxed subheading.

Recommended Video End Screen

Premiere Promogrt

Double play boxes with watch next and recommended headings. Social media icons, profile element and subscribe prompt.


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