Like Templates for Premiere Pro

16 Free Premiere Pro Templates for Like. All of our Premiere Pro Templates are free to download and ready to use in your next video project, under the Mixkit License.

Facebook Title With Likes

Premiere Proproject

A bold title block which prompts the user to view a Facebook page, with an animated like count.

Facebook Call Out Prompt

Premiere Proproject

A simple call out animation for liking a page on Facebook.

Like And Subscribe Bar

Premiere Promogrt

Rectangular like and subscribe button with a notification icon.

Like, Subscribe Button

Premiere Promogrt

Bubble effect on click, hover effect like icon and notification box.

Like And Subscribe Button

Premiere Promogrt

A quick transition from full screen to middle-aligned icon, like and subscribe button with a small subheading.

Like Flash Subscribe Button

Premiere Promogrt

Like and dislike icons, animated on click and a subscribe button.

YouTube banner with logo and buttons

Premiere Promogrt

Youtube banner with a logo, a title, subtitle and a buttons of like, subscribe and the notifications bell.

Hand cursor clicking on YouTube buttons

Premiere Promogrt

Banner with a hand cursor clicking on Youtube buttons of "like", "subscribe" and "notifications bell" with click sounds.

Triangular Distort Transition

Premiere Proproject

A focus area shaped like a triangle is centred within the frame, containing a subtle distort effect.

Revolving Play Banner

Premiere Promogrt

Interactive banner stretched along the bottom of the frame, like, subscribe and an animated play button.

Splash Transition from bottom

Premiere Promogrt

Splash transition with water like shapes animating up from the bottom to the top of the screen

YouTube channel banner with buttons

Premiere Promogrt

Youtube channel banner with title and subtitle text and a hand-cursor clicking on like, subscribe and notifications bell buttons

Lower-third Subscribe Banner

Premiere Promogrt

A simple lower-third style subscribe banner for YouTube. Double headings, like and notify icons.

Colorful playful text splash

Premiere Promogrt

Two lines of text colorful, playful text fade and splash onto the screen with a water like animation

Square Subscribe End Screen

Premiere Promogrt

3D Like, subscribe and notify icon box. Aligned to the right. With a transparent background.

Framed clean title

Premiere Promogrt

Framed clean center-aligned title with two different fonts styles and lines animated like waves.


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