Cartoon Templates for Premiere Pro

43 Free Premiere Pro Templates for Cartoon. All of our Premiere Pro Templates are free to download and ready to use in your next video project, under the Mixkit License.

Animated Drop Title

Premiere Promogrt

Multiple brightly colored droplets race around the frame making way for a simple headline.

Liquid swipe left to right transition

Premiere Promogrt

A left to right transition featuring a cartoon liquid effect. First covering the screen before clearing upon exit.

Cartoon Ink Opener

Premiere Proproject

Animated cartoon ink effect opener with splashing effects.

Animated Splash Title

Premiere Promogrt

Splash effect transitioning in from the right, uncovering a heading.

Mirror Splash Title

Premiere Promogrt

Two animated splash effects entering from the left and right. Meet in the middle as text appears.

Framed electric title

Premiere Promogrt

Animated electric explosion reveals an outline framed title. A static electricity line goes through the title from left to right changing the color.

Splash Transition from bottom

Premiere Promogrt

Splash transition with water like shapes animating up from the bottom to the top of the screen

Colorful playful text splash

Premiere Promogrt

Two lines of text colorful, playful text fade and splash onto the screen with a water like animation

Cartoon Dust Title

Premiere Promogrt

Falling text with an animated cartoon dust cloud on impact.

Cartoon Liquid Transition

Premiere Promogrt

Animated splash transition which starts at the bottom right of the frame and covers from right to left.

Smoke Puff Title

Premiere Promogrt

A cartoon smoke effect which transitions into a three line heading.

Cartoon Smoke Title

Premiere Promogrt

Cartoon smoke rises from the middle of the frame, revealing text. Before a second smoke effect transitions out.

Ink Chase Title

Premiere Promogrt

Animated ink line which races around the middle of the frame, bumping into three lines of text.

Cartoon Text Lower-third

Premiere Promogrt

An angled banner with heading and subheading. Drop shadow effect.

Cartoon Spark Lower-third

Premiere Promogrt

A simple banner with a cartoon spark effect, transitions in from the left.

Ink Line Title Block

Premiere Promogrt

An animated ink line circles around the middle of the frame, before transitioning into a double headline.

Solid Stripes Transition

Premiere Promogrt

A solid transition between clips, angled stripes move towards the middle of the frame.

Water Splash Effect Title

Premiere Promogrt

Water splash effect, travelling from left to right. With a heading appearing from behind the animation.

Swirling Ink Title

Premiere Promogrt

Swirling ink effect from the left and right. Meeting in the middle to create the text heading.

Cartoon Fire Lower-third

Premiere Promogrt

A cartoon flame effect behind a solid banner. Animated smoke exit.

Rotating Liquid Transition

Premiere Promogrt

A rotating ink effect with a cartoon style. Fills the frame before clearing.

Animated title with gusts of air

Premiere Promogrt

A burst of animated air reveals a bouncing title. Another gust of air changes the color of the title. And one last burst disappears the title.

Cartoon Liquid Splash Lower-third

Premiere Promogrt

A splash in and out effect uncovers a simple heading banner.

Title with water and air animations

Premiere Promogrt

Animated two-line title with water and air transitions. Second line is framed. Title changes colors after a moving air animation.

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