60 Free Premiere Pro Templates for Lower-thirds. Catch your viewer’s attention with awesome, free lower third templates for Premiere Pro that use creative graphics to get the message across and look fabulous at the same time!

Lower third with outline frame
Premiere Promogrt

A frame is formed with a line and a title and subtitle are displayed from above and below within the frame. 4K templates.

Simple lower third
Premiere Promogrt

The title of the lower third ascends from behind a text box appears sliding from right to left and from left to right enters a subtitle. 4K template.

Lower third in a text box
Premiere Promogrt

A text box slides from left to right along with a title and subtitle. 4K template.

Lower third with text boxes
Premiere Promogrt

Two text boxes with a title and a subtitle sliding from the left and the text coming from the right. 4K template.

Accented Banner Lower-third
Premiere Promogrt

Large headline with a subheading. Banner style with a solid border.

Animated Lower-third Border
Premiere Promogrt

Headline style with a solid border, transparent background and subheading banner.

Grow-In Lower-third
Premiere Promogrt

A left-aligned lower-third which grows into the frame. Heading and subheading, with a reverse exit.

Title and subtitle line, lower-third
Premiere Promogrt

A simple heading and subheading, with two animated lines between them.

Tabloid Style Lower-third
Premiere Promogrt

A tabloid style, heavy font and background print effect. Animated multi-word headline.

Multi-line Lower-third
Premiere Promogrt

An animated up and aside lower-third with a headline, subheading and tagline.

Title Tagline Lower-third
Premiere Promogrt

A bold heading with a tagline and boxed call to action.

Newspaper Headline Lower-third
Premiere Promogrt

Simple heading and subheading, with a solid background fill.

Animated Box Lower-third
Premiere Promogrt

Double headlines with an animated drop-in effect. Subheading appears at the end.

Sideways Lower-third
Premiere Promogrt

Simple double heading block, which transitions in from the right.

Lower third with a sliding bar
Premiere Promogrt

Lower third that appears from bottom up with a sliding bar that goes from left to right.

Simple lower third with a text box subtitle
Premiere Promogrt

Title and subtitle rising from the bottom to the top. Beneath them slides a text box in the form of a rectangle long with text that slides from right to left.

Diagonal lower third
Premiere Promogrt

Diagonal lower third in the bottom of the screen with a title and subtitle sliding down.

Social Box Lower-third
Premiere Promogrt

A simple headline, contained within a box. Twitter logo to the right.

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