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No need to pack your hiking boots, we are bringing nature to you! Explore from the depths of the ocean to the peaks of mountains with this collection of nature videos. Feel the air you breathe become fresher as you scroll through these beautiful nature videos. All stock video clips can be downloaded for free, to be used in your next awesome video project under the Mixkit License! Also check out 4K Nature Videos.

Free Nature Videos

Woman texting on her smartphone

A blonde woman wearing black sunglasses and a black leather jacket is texting on her smartphone. In the background, you can see a small city in the distance.

Green treetops

Panning across a forest, showing dirt paths and a clearing in the distance, beneath a clear blue sky.

Waterfall landing in a small body of water

A waterfall hidden between a cliff lands in a small lake also hidden in the cliff.

Motorboat sailing in a bay on a sunny day

Motorboat sailing in the water of a beautiful bay, full of trees, during a beautiful sunny day, taken from above.

Two speedboats on a lake seen from the air

Boats sailing at full speed seen from above in a gigantic turquoise blue lake, with a couple of islands, and the land around it covered with dense trees, during a beautiful afternoon.

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View from the air of a mountain covered by mist

View from the air of a rocky mountain covered by a thick cloud of mist, with lots of vegetation and trees.

Aerial view of a vast forest

Aerial view of a natural landscape with a relief covered with abundant trees, on a sunny day with a clear sky.

Aerial panorama of a natural environment

Aerial panorama of a natural environment, with outlined fields, a small lake and a large hill covered with trees under a thick fog.

Flying over a plain with crop fields

Slowly flying over a plain with crop fields and a large hill covered with vegetation, with a city behind, under the mist.

Hill covered with vegetation and mist seen from the air

Aerial panorama around a hill covered with trees, vegetation and mist, with a view of the surrounding mountains and the horizon.

Fog covered hill in an aerial shot

Aerial shot of a hill covered with trees, vegetation and a cloud of mist, in a view that slowly recedes to reveal the horizon.

Natural and mountainous landscape with an agave field

Natural and mountainous landscape covered with trees and other varied vegetation, seen from an agave field.

Rock climbers on the face of a mountain

Bottom view of a pair of mountaineers with pulleys, peaks and safety gear resting on a rocky mountain on a sunny day viewed from behind.

Man climbing to the top of a large rock

Man climbing to the top of a large rock with the help of harnesses, at sunset in an aerial shot, in an arid ecosystem.

Man and woman climbers climbing a big rock

Man and woman with a dog practicing climing, starting to climb a large rock outside, in an arid environment.

Mountain climber on top of a rock

Aerial view of an amateur mountain climber on top of a rock, while he readjusts his rope in the desert at sunset.

Mountaineer climbing a rocky mountain

Female amateur mountaineer skilfully climbing a rocky mountain wall in an aerial shot in an arid ecosystem.

Skilled alpinist climbing a gigantic rock

Skilled mountain climber skilfully scaling a gigantic rock with a rope and harness, in an arid environment.

Mountain climber climbing a huge rock

Mountain climber climbing a huge rock with the help of a harness and a rope and accompanied by a woman, in a shot from above.

Man cooking at the campsite

A man begins to cook in a pan during a morning at a campsite.

Aerial view of a mountainous forest

Aerial view of a forest on a mountain during early spring in the morning.

Woman in sunroof on a road trip through nature

Young woman leaning out of the sunroof of a truck, while traveling through a vast yanura covered with water and grass and surrounded by mountains.

Cloud filled sky above a hill

View of the sky covered with many clouds, when flying over a hill covered with trees.

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