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Be transfixed by the shapes, colors, textures and forms that move within these abstract videos. From ink and water to bokeh lights, you can add depth and a touch of magic to your next project with these incredible textural abstract videos. All stock video clips can be downloaded for free, to be used in your next awesome video project under the Mixkit License! Also check out Bokeh, Light, Color, Texture, Background, Wallpapers, Abstract Nature, 3D Animation and Nature.

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Sunset from a peaceful beach

Sunset from a peaceful beach, overlooking the orange-colored horizon, as small waves wash up on the shore.

Car lights in an out of focus view at night

White, yellow, blue and red car lights, moving slowly in the dark, in an out of focus view of an avenue at night.

Defocused colored lights that ripple like water

Colorful lights in a blurry video, in the dark at night, with a video effect that ripples like ripples in water.

Abstract colorful flowers of defocused lights

Abstract flower of green, yellow and red colors, of blurred lights that flicker and move in the dark, in a video with mirrors in symmetry.

Avenue at night in a defocused view

Defocused view of an avenue, with many intense lights of white, blue, red and yellow colors, from the headlights of moving cars.

Reflecting water, deformed by the waves in it

Texture of the surface of a body of water reflecting light while the movement of the waves deforms the image, taken in detail.

Rice grains in detail

Detail view of a pile of raw white rice in top view.

Waving fire, closeup

Waving fire seen up close on pink background.

Lights in a blurry and out-of-focus shot

White, red and yellow lights in a blurry shot and out of focus, moving it in the dark, in the form of large circles.

Defocused view of lights of an avenue

Defocused view of the colored lights of moving car headlights traveling on an avenue in the dark of night.

Bushy forest in an aerial shot

Thick forest full of abundant trees, which completely covers a natural relief with hills, under the sunlight, in an aerial shot.

View of a window with a curtain

View through a window with a curtain covering half a window very close to a shot, in the background a few trees and sunlight through the curtain.

Person in the dark observing a lights image

Silhouette of a person looking at an image projected in front, with spectra and light patterns rotating around a center in the background.

Small bubbles in a liquid on a red background

Shot of small bubbles in a liquid, viewed microscopically against a deep red background, while each bubble slowly moving.

Mix of multi-colored paints flowing slowly

Mix of blue, white and red paints, while slowly flowing on a surface, seen in detail.

A pinwheel spinning on a pink background

A pinwheel on a pink and blue wooden stick with cloud drawings, on a pink background, as it slowly begins to spin.

Bright dark orange fabric waving

Bright orange silk fabric that moves across the screen.

Abstract figures reveal a green screen

Sheets of paper with cut edges like a broken line, which are between positions while they separate and reveal a chrome green background, then the video goes in reverse and is covered again.

Thick black liquid covering a chroma background

Black ink that completely covers a green screen, then the video goes in reverse.

Abstract photograph of a man in motion

Photograph of a man on a blue background, with a crumpled sheet on top in which the photograph comes to life and the man slowly turns to the front.

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