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Browse through our library of free abstract stock videos. Check out our carefully curated videos of bokeh, textures, paint and ink. All free to download and ready to use.

Exploding Ink underwater

Pink and yellow ink moves underwater with a black background.

Pink and yellow ink underwater

Yellow and pink ink underwater in slow motion on a black background.

Black ink underwater

Black ink floating in water with a white background.

Bubbles on the surface

Large bubble bursts on the surface of the water.

Ink swirling in blue tones underwater

Swirling colors in water in blue and white tones. Art, motion, ink, liquid, rotation.

RGB pixels

Close up of RGB pixels on a screen, in movement and changing color.

Colorful spheres floating in liquid

Colorful liquid balls float in white liquid, purple, blue, and white balls.

Ripples in water

Teal liquid ripples as if caused by vibrations.

Purple liquid

Purple liquid moves, causing different textures and shows pink and purple bubbles.

Yellow liquid

Yellow liquid with orange and yellow bubbles.

Yellow liquid and blue glitter

Blue glitter in liquid is covered by a yellow liquid with clear bubbles.

Green liquid texture

Green liquid with glitter moves slowly.

Red liquid

Red liquid of different shades with clear bubbles moves slowly.

Blue bubbles

Blue bubbles of different sizes moving slowly around the screen.

Pink and purple bubbles

Pink and purple bubbles moving in the water among silver glitter.

Pink and blue liquid

Pink and blue liquid moves, causing color changes.

Silver and red glitter

Silver hexagonal bits of glitter float slowly over a red background.

Rippling purple water

Water ripples from the bottom right-hand corner over a background of purple glitter.

Black ink splattered

White background, and two large splatters of black liquid land and begin to expand.

Single black splatter

White background and a single splatter of black ink lands in the center and begins to expand.

Expanding white ink

Black background, two spots of white ink begin to expand.

Black ink on white background

Black ink splashes and expands on a white background.

Expanding black ink forming oval

Black ink expands on a white background forming an oval shape.

Expanding black ink forms X

Black ink expands on a white background and forms an X shape.

Black ink splashing

Black ink splashes randomly on a white background and expands, forming one large blot.

White and black ink underwater

Abstract reverse video of black ink shot on the water with white background. Black ink expanding. Black ink inject in water on white background. Use for ink effect, transition or beautiful colorful background. Mirror effect. Reverse effect.

White ink

A linear splash of white ink expands across a black background.

Fire in front of tree trunk

Fire flames dance in front of a tree trunk, other green vegetation in the background.

Drops of water falling

Many drops of water falling in front of a white background.

Bubbles on a yellow background

Small bubbles in water floating upwards on a yellow background.

Bubbles on a pink background

Small bubbles in water floating upwards on a pink background.

White bubbles dripping down

Small clear drops move slowly across a white background.

Pink and blue powder

Pink and blue powder jumps and mixes together, creating a purple color and different textures.

Blue and yellow powder

Blue and yellow powder jumps and mixes together, creating a green color and different textures.

Pink and yellow powder jumping

Pink and yellow powder jumps and mixes together, creating different textures.

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