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Moving backgrounds are great for anything from making zoom meetings more fun with a cool background, or simply using it as the base of a video project you're working on. Whatever your needs, explore a great range below! All stock video clips can be downloaded for free, to be used in your next awesome video project under the Mixkit License! Also check out Fire, Background, Smoke, Animation, Texture, Abstract, Wallpapers, Close Up and Lights.

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Conceptual video glowing circles in neon effect

Conceptual video of many colored glowing circular shapes, on a dark background, like neon lights with a video effect.

Car lights at night, in a defocused video

White, yellow and red lights from car headlights on a highway at night, in a defocused video, seen through a fence.

Abstract flower of light made with a prism

Abstract flower of light made with a prism and defocused colored lights, white, red, green and lilac, oscillating and flickering.

Car lights at night in an out of focus video

Lights from the headlights of many cars traveling on an avenue at night, in a video out of focus, seen through a fence.

Abstract video of defocused lights in a prism

Flickering, oscillating white and orange lights on a blue background, in an abstract out-of-focus video, with a symmetrical multi-mirrored prism.

Abstract video a premium of defocused colored lights

Abstract video with mirrors in symmetry, of blurred green, blue, white and red colored lights, moving slowly.

Out-of-focus view of car headlights on an avenue

Out of focus video of the headlights of many cars traveling down an avenue at night, seen through a fence.

Couple opening a package with an alarm clock

A girl and a boy opening a box together with an alarm clock inside. Couple unboxing a package from an online shop.

Abstract video of circular shapes in bright colors

Abstract video of circular shapes of many bright colors in motion, resembling bubbles, with an abstract video effect.

Defocused view of an avenue at night

Defocused view of an avenue at night, with the lights of the poles and the headlights of the cars that pass quickly.

Colored lights in the dark in a defocused view

Lights of lilac and yellow colors, slowly moving and some flickering, on a dark blue background of the night in an out of focus view.

Abstract video of defocused lights in symmetries

Abstract video of out-of-focus lights in yellow, purple, white and red, with a video effect with symmetries similar to snowflakes.

Abstract six mirror prism flower of lights

Abstract flower of lights of many colors in movement and blinking, in a prism of six mirrors in symmetry.

Boy and girl packing things in a box

Boy and girl packing small things of all kinds in a box before moving to a new home.

Defocused colored lights that ripple like water

Colorful lights in a blurry video, in the dark at night, with a video effect that ripples like ripples in water.

Abstract colorful flowers of defocused lights

Abstract flower of green, yellow and red colors, of blurred lights that flicker and move in the dark, in a video with mirrors in symmetry.

Avenue at night in a defocused view

Defocused view of an avenue, with many intense lights of white, blue, red and yellow colors, from the headlights of moving cars.

Out-of-focus and mirror video of an avenue at night

Video out of focus, vertical and mirrored in half, of an avenue at night, with the red lights of moving car headlights.

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