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Young doctor listening through his stethoscope

Young doctor with a beard in profile, seen up close while listening through his stethoscope.

Portrait of a gardener with a plant in his hands

Portrait of a gardener with a plant in his hands, showing it to the camera, in the middle of a large organal with many plants.

Professional gardener walking through a nursery

Professional gardener with a tool, boots and an apron, walking down a dirt walkway in a nursery filled with many plants of various kinds.

Woman doing tricks with fire

Young juggler woman dressed in black, doing tricks with fire sitting on an old spiral staircase, in an old and worn place.

Skillful juggler doing tricks with sticks on fire

Portrait of a skillful man juggler doing tricks with small sticks on fire on the stairs of an old worn out place.

Barber cutting hair with scissors and comb

Close up view of the hands of a hairdresser who cuts the hair of a client with the help of a comb and scissors.

Barber working in his barbershop with a client

A man gets a haircut at a barbershop before receiving a beard trim from the professional barber.

Chef chopping a lettuce

Chef cutting a lettuce for a dish in a close up shot of his hands.

Pastry chef preparing a dessert on a plate

Close-up shot of a plate while a pastry chef prepares a dessert with bread, cream and nuts.

Young people reviewing a studio photograph

Top view of young people reviewing a studio picture on a tablet. The photo is about tacos with accompanying sauces

Writing codes on a tablet in a workshop

Young programmer writing codes on a tablet with a keyboard, seen in detail, in a workshop surrounded by tools.

Engineer working on his computers in his workshop

Engineer working on computers in his studio surrounded by different artifacts, such as a soldering iron, different types of screwdrivers, markers, a couple of scale models of space rockets.

Man on the phone near a construction site

A man wearing a hard hat and a neon vest talks on a mobile phone in front of a building under construction.

Brush of an artist painting artwork in slow motion

Brush held by an artist, while applying blue paint on top of a work on a white canvas, seen up close.

Hands painting a canvas with watercolor

Detailed video of artwork painted in watercolors by an artist, while wetting her brush and applying color.

Playful boy in consultation with the dentist

Child in consultation with the dentist, sitting in the office chair also playing with the instruments.

Dermatologist removing moles with laser

A dermatologist's face viewed in detail, concentrated while removing moles from a patient's face.

Gardener placing plants in a nursery

Gardener placing potted flowering plants on a wire in a large nursery full of plants, while carefully checking each one.

Portrait of a man doing stick tricks with fire

Portrait of a man doing stick tricks with fire, right in front of the camera, staring straight ahead, in an old, worn and abandoned place.

Woman doing a dance with a fire sword

Woman doing an artistic dance with a sword on fire, in the center of an old, worn and empty place with tall columns.

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