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Ceramic artist with clay tool

Ceramic artist sitting at pottery wheel using a clay shaping loop.

A person typing in a laptop at a coffee shop

A person typing in a laptop at a coffee shop, close up shot.

Laptop screen showing software code

Dark laptop screen showing software code, close up.

Person takes a phone call at a construction site

A person wearing a yellow hard hat and a vest raises a mobile phone to his ear to take a phone call, a construction site in the background.

Man shifting ground barley in a tank

A man hidden behind a large metal lid uses a large metal spatula to shift ground barley in a large tank as part of the brewery process.

An urban photographer

A man holding a DSLR canon camera while is looking for a good shot or looking for a good place to take photos. Amateur photographer practicing photography.

Young man watering his garden on a sunny day

Man watering with a garden hose, with grass, flowers, plants and trees, with a big house in the background, during a hot sunny day.

A graphic designer working on a tablet

A graphic designer sitting on an armchair working in her ipad or tablet with a tablet pen and with her macbook or laptop. A drawer doing some work. Close up of the hands of a girl drawing in her iPad. A girl wearing white blouse and using earphones while working in her apartment or office.

Abstract art texture on a canvas

Close appreciation of an artistic work on a canvas, with blue, black and green paint, on a white background.

Woman drawing on a painting in her home studio

Woman drawing on an easel in a home studio with paint palettes, brushes. tubes of paint, and art on the walls.

Talented juggler spinning a bar with lights

Talented male juggler in costume and makeup, skillfully spinning a bar with lights at the ends, on a stage.

Very experienced man juggling many bowling pins

Talented juggler doing a complicated performance with many bowling pins, on top of a stage in a dark theater.

Skillful acrobat spinning inside a big hoop

Skilled and talented acrobat in costume and makeup, skillfully spinning inside a large hoop, during an act in a theater.

Talented woman spinning two hula hoops

Talented woman in the center of a dark empty stage in a theater, spinning two hula hoops doing complicated tricks with great skill.

Very talented woman spinning many hula hoops

Very talented woman spinning many green hula hoops with her two hands, while balancing one with her head.

Close up to a coffee latte with art

Close up to a coffee latte with art in a large green cup in a modern coffee shop.

Close up of a barber working

Close up view of a barber giving a haircut with a shaver to one of his male clients.

Barber showing the haircut to his client

A professional barber shows his haircut to one of his clients with a mirror in his barbershop.

Barber cutting a man's beard

Close view of the face of a bearded man with his eyes closed while his barber is trimming his beard with a razor.

Barber preparing his client

A barber preparing one of her clients for a hair and beard cut in a modern barber shop.

Frying Bacon Chunks on the Stove

Close up shot of a skillet on a stove as a cook fries bacon into small pieces.

Professional cook frying bacon in a frying pan

Professional cook skillfully frying bacon in a pan, close up shot of his hands and the pan.

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