30 Free Plastic Stock Videos

All stock video clips can be downloaded for free, to be used in your next awesome video project under the Mixkit License!

Garbage on the seashore

An empty bottle on the beach near the seashore.

Plastic bottle lying on the beach

Old plastic bottle lying on rocks at the beach.

Pollution on the beach

Garbage on rocks on the beach near the seashore.

Garbage on the beach

Garbage on some beach rocks seen closely.

Healthcare personnel putting on plastic gloves

Health personnel in a hazmat suit, with a mask, appear on the scene putting on plastic gloves, in a park on a sunny day.

Silhouette of man drinking water

A silhouette of a man drinking water from a plastic bottle with the sunset and the sky with clouds in the background.

Woman at junkyard

Young woman with long brown hair wearing a red and white jacket swings from a black plastic pipe, abandoned vehicles in the background underneath a blue sky and the sun shinning.

3D printer building a figure

3D printer builds a black plastic figure.

The spheres of a Christmas tree

The spheres of a plastic Christmas tree with green branches and flickering lights.

Glucose molecule

Representative glucose molecule made of plastic on a white background.

Christmas tree with ornaments

Plastic Christmas tree seen closely with ornaments, lights and spheres.

Healthy breakfast bowl

Closeup of a breakfast fruit bowl served in a plastic cup

Representative model of a water molecule

Representative model of plastic figures of a water molecule, with links between elements.

Water molecule

Representative model of a water molecule made of plastic, with its links between elements.

Halloween pumpkin treats

Ornamental pumpkins for halloween between plastic fake flowers.

Mom and daughter sweeping the stairs at home

Little girl and her mom sweeping the stairs of her house together with plastic gloves, the girl uses a small broom.

Girl moving small figures from a board game

A girl's hand moving plastic figures in the shape of people, on top of a board of a board game.

Young woman playing Risk

Girl playing a game of a board game, with a board with a large drawing of the geography of the earth, small plastic figures, and a pair of dice.

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