19 Free Garbage Stock Videos

All videos are free and ready to be used for any creative purpose under the Mixkit License.

Garbage on the seashore

An empty bottle on the beach near the seashore.

Plastic bottle lying on the beach

Old plastic bottle lying on rocks at the beach.

Interior of burnt out house

Interior of abandoned house on a sunny day.

A polluted beach

Seashore with garbage on the sand and rocks on a sunny day.

Garbage thrown in nature

Garbage thrown on a floor full of small rocks and sand.

Pollution on the beach

Garbage on rocks on the beach near the seashore.

Garbage on the beach

Garbage on some beach rocks seen closely.

Backyard with garbage

The floor of a patio full of old, useless things and garbage with a puddle on the floor.

A puddle in a place with garbage

Water drops falling in a puddle in a place with garbage.

Scary ghost at an abandoned place

Scary woman ghost wearing dark clothes with white skin standing in the middle of a hall of an abandoned building full of graffiti and garbage.

Inside of an abandoned house in ruins

Abandoned house in ruins without windows with garbage and stones on the ground near a forest on a sunny day.

Ruined roofless house

House without roof in ruins with garbage and plants growing inside it.

Courtyard of an abandoned house

Courtyard of an abandoned house full of old things and garbage.

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