396 Free Fire Stock Videos

Bring some warmth and spontaneity to your project with the element of fire. By the chimney, at a campsite, or as a cool effect, these fire videos will have your next project heating up. Choose between sparks and flames to add the power of fire to your creation. All stock video clips can be downloaded for free, to be used in your next awesome video project under the Mixkit License! Also check out Outdoor, Camping, Nature, Wood fire, Flame, Burning, Close Up, Black Background and Texture.

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Large orange flames on black background

One large orange flames flicker across a black background

Firefighters on a crane putting out a fire

Two firefighters atop a red crane, with a hose, shooting a strong stream of water, while large clouds of smoke move in the background.

Woman doing tricks with fire

Young juggler woman dressed in black, doing tricks with fire sitting on an old spiral staircase, in an old and worn place.

Skilled woman blowing fire

Skill woman blowing fire, spitting alcohol to a rod on fire with skill, in an abandoned, old and worn place.

Talented woman doing a dance with a fire saber

Talented woman doing an artistic dance with a saber lit on fire, in an old and abandoned place with worn walls.

Flashy fire tricks from a talented juggler

Flashy stick tricks with fireballs, performed by a talented juggler, in an empty and old abandoned place.

Jugglers man and woman doing tricks with fire

Jugglers man and woman in black, doing tricks with fire facing each other, in an old, dark, worn and empty place.

Man putting firewood for a campfire

Man putting firewood for a campfire during a night with some friends inthe woods at a cabin.

Man drinking homemade coffee on a campfire night

Man drinking homemade coffee on a campfire night with his friends while chatting and sharing a good time.

Meditative woman observing the flame of a huge candle

Woman meditatively observing the flame of a huge candle, in a dark place and surrounded by other huge candles.

Hot air balloon and fire flames

Yellow hot air balloon is being inflated by flames of fire, a red balloon and the sky in the background

Young father giving roast marshmallow to his daughter outdoors

Young father giving his little daughter to taste a roasted bonbon, in a camp in the middle of a forest in nature.

Wooden matches extreme close up

Wooden matches stacked with blue heads, viewed in great detail, revealing small pores in them.

Burning flames with black background

Flames burning from the sides on a black background.

Flames burning from below and to the sides

Flames of bonfire silhouettes burning from below and to the sides on a black background.

Fire burns a piece of wood

Fire burning a piece of wood on top of burned coal.

Thick cloud of smoke in detail

Thick cloud of smoke in detail on an unfocused background.

Fire burning coal, close up

Fire burning coal, while smoke comes out of combustion.

Fire and smoke on a blue background

Fire and smoke in reverse on a blue background seen in detail.

Chunks of coal lit in the dark

Chunks of coal dimly lit red in the dark.

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