396 Free Fire Stock Videos

Bring some warmth and spontaneity to your project with the element of fire. By the chimney, at a campsite, or as a cool effect, these fire videos will have your next project heating up. Choose between sparks and flames to add the power of fire to your creation. All stock video clips can be downloaded for free, to be used in your next awesome video project under the Mixkit License! Also check out Outdoor, Camping, Nature, Wood fire, Flame, Burning, Close Up, Black Background and Texture.

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Skillful acrobat doing tricks with fire

Skilled acrobat doing flashy tricks with fire by spinning a stick and lighting the ground, in an empty warehouse.

Woman passing her hands near the flame of a candle

Woman passing her hands near the flame of a giant candle, in a dark place.

Sparkler being lit with a match

Shot of a sparkler being lit as sparks fall around on a dark background.

Skillful juggler doing tricks with sticks on fire

Portrait of a skillful man juggler doing tricks with small sticks on fire on the stairs of an old worn out place.

Pair of talented jugglers doing tricks with fire

Pair of talented man and woman jugglers doing flashy tricks with fire, in an abandoned and worn out place.

Friends burning marshmallows over a campfire

Group of four friends burning marshmallows on a campfire at night outside, while talking and laughing.

Face of a young woman appreciating the flame of a candle

Face of a meditative young woman, appreciating the flame of a candle in the dark.

Fire dancing in detail

Fire moving slowly on coal seen in detail.

Bell peppers on the BBQ grill

Colorful peppers on a grill near a powerful flame.

Gold sparklers

Gold sparks from above and from below, on a black background.

Talented woman making a dance with fans in fire

Portrait of a talented woman making a slow dance with a couple of fans on fire, in an empty, old and worn place.

Portrait of a man doing stick tricks with fire

Portrait of a man doing stick tricks with fire, right in front of the camera, staring straight ahead, in an old, worn and abandoned place.

Juggler doing flashy tricks with fire

Very skillful and talented juggler doing flashy tricks with a fireball stick in an old run down abandoned place.

Mysterious woman appreciating the flame of a candle

Mysterious woman appreciating the flame of a candle, gently moving her hands around it, in a dark place.

Family eating roasted marshmallows in a forest

Small family of dad, mom and daughter, eating roasted marshmallows around a campfire in the middle of a forest.

Fire on black background

Flames rising from below the screen moving intensely on a black background.

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