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Winter Town

Wooden buildings in an isolated European village during winter.

Small European town in winter

Small town in winter with snow everywhere and mountains in the background.

Snowy mountains landscape

Landscape of snowy mountains with clouds of mist.

Sunny streets of a small tourist town

Strolling along the narrow cobbled street of a small tourist town on a sunny day.

Streets of a beach town

Walking along the cobbled streets of a beach town near the sea on a sunny day.

Sightseeing in a town

Posters with movie characters on the wall in a tourist town.

Coastal city seen from afar

Port and sea of a coastal city seen from a balcony.

Lake in a winter landscape

Forest lake in the middle of winter.

Winter forest with a lake

Lake and dry grass in a forest with leafless trees.

Lake behind two trees in a forest

Lake set behind two trees in a forest with clear skies.

Lake in the forest during winter.

Lake and steep road in a forest during winter with trees in the background.

Bleak winter landscape

Snow on the ground and a frozen lake in the background.

Frozen lake in a winter forest

Frozen lake on an icy day with haze that covers the sky.

Winter grass covered in snow

Snow covered grass next to trees and a frozen lake in a winter forest.

Radio telescope behind trees

The radio telescope stands out above and behind the trees in a wood. Radio telescope building working in the forest.

Beach pier on turquoise waters

Walking through a wooden pier. Beach pier in turquoise waters on a day with clear blue sky.

Beach pier on a sunny day

Beach pier in turquoise waters on a day with clear blue sky. Virgin beach with rocks and a chair overlooking the sea with a mountain with green trees.

Tree in a dry forest

A tree with branches without leaves dry forest with trees and dry grass with the cloudy sky.

Snow in a winter wood

Snow on the branches of bushes in a winter forest with fog.

Snowy path in the forest full of mist

A snowy road in a forest with dry bushes and fog covering the horizon and the sky.

Dry branches of a tree near a lake

Dry branches of a leafless tree next to a lake in dry forest on a day with a clear sky.

Dry forest with a lake

A dry forest during the autumn with a lake on a day with a clear sky.

Lake in a forest during the winter

A lake in a forest surrounded by trees without leaves during the autumn.

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