467 Free Medium wide shot Stock Videos


All stock video clips can be downloaded for free, to be used in your next awesome video project under the Mixkit License!


Abandoned wooden boats

The ruins of abandoned wooden boats in the middle of nature near a mountain.

Forest in autumn

Forest full of dry leaves on the ground with an abandoned shed nestled among the trees.

A couple of women with their hands together performing a ritual

A young couple of women wearing wreaths and dresses put their hands together and perform a small pagan ritual among the grass of an abandoned site

Women doing a ritual in the countryside

Couple of young women dressed in white wearing flower crowns are performing a morning ritual in a field with tall grass and fog, in the background some distant mountains

Harbor town with boats on the calm sea

View of a harbor with docked and moving boats on the calm water.

Cars passing on a street in a town

Cars and motorcycles passing on the street of a town near large trees moved by the wind on a day with clear skies.

Passenger train in the countryside

Passenger train seen from the side of the railway tracks.

Smiling woman sitting on an orange fair game

Static teenage woman with wearing a striped t-shirt and jeans sitting on an orange fair game with lights on at night in the amusement park.

Immobile woman sitting next to a mechanical game

Immovable woman in black dress sitting next to a mechanical fair game in motion with unfocused background

Woman on her back with a mechanical game in the background

Woman from the back looking to the right with a mechanical fair game out of focus in the background, with lights that turn on and off

Traveling woman taking outdoor photos

Woman traveler taking pictures with an outdoor camera in the countryside on a cloudy day.

Man taking pictures of a big stone with his phone

Camera following a man from behind while walking towards a large gray stone to take pictures with his phone with a cloudy sky in the background

Woman traveling taking photos in nature

Woman traveler taking photos in the wild with her camera for a cloudy day.

Woman taking photos of a tree in the fields

Woman with jeans and short braids walking and taking photos of a tree in the fields standing on a large gray stone

A woman chooses ornaments for her Christmas tree

A woman wearing a hat and sweater at home chooses between spheres and ornaments for her Christmas tree, takes one and places it.

Young woman asking for a ride by the road

Traveler woman with sunglasses asking for a ride on the road on a cloudy day with cars passing at high speed in the background

Sunset in a desert

Sunset illuminates the sky and creates a silhouette in a desert landscape with little vegetation or trees.

Big lake reflecting sunlight

Large lake reflecting sunlight in a forest seen through a window.

Hotel in the snowy mountains

A hotel in the mountains during winter.

Bridge in a small snowy town

A bridge in a small city with snow-covered buildings near snowy mountains.

Fir trees in snowy mountain town

Rooftops covered in snow with fir trees and large mountains.

Funicular train station in winter

A snow-covered funicular train station at the bottom of a snowy mountain full of pine trees.

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