121 Free Creative Stock Videos


All stock video clips can be downloaded for free, to be used in your next awesome video project under the Mixkit License!


Abstract smoke textures

Abstract smoke textures reflected with black background.

Exploding Ink underwater

Pink and yellow ink moves underwater with a black background.

Television glich texture

Television glich texture with black background

Conceptual shot of silhouettes

Silhouettes of a man, smoke and figures in motion.

Pink and blue ink

Pink and blue in move underwater.

Moving clouds that change color

Clouds in the sky in motion that change from warm colors to cold colors

Purple and white ink

Purple and white ink move underwater.

Animation of purple background and white triangles

Animation with a purple background and white triangles used as an intro.

Northern Lights in the night sky

Northern lights shine on the water and in the sky with many colors in the night sky, mountains in the background

Double exposure video of a person and water falling

Double exposure video of the silhouette of a person who crosses his arms as he moves and drops of water falling on a body of water with a white background.

Green ink

Green ink moves in the water.

Abstract pink ink

Pink, orange, and purple ink moves under water.

Ink moving in water

Blue and yellow ink explodes and moves through water with a black background.

Yellow and Orange ink

Yellow and orange ink moves underwater.

Photographer reviewing his shots in the camera's screen

Closeup video of an amateur photographer reviewing his shots in the camera's screen. Photographer taking photos with a DSLR Canon camera with a big lens. A man practicing photography.

Blue and pink swirling ink

Blue and pink ink swirling together.

Pink and blue powder

Pink and blue powder jumps and mixes together, creating a purple color and different textures.

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