121 Free Bokeh Stock Videos

Magical and abstract. Any of these bokeh videos might add the sparkle needed to make your next project shine. From traffic and city lights to nature and celebrations, there's every chance you'll find the bokeh effect you're looking for. All stock video clips can be downloaded for free, to be used in your next awesome video project under the Mixkit License! Also check out Light, Blurred, Background, Texture, Traffic and Wallpapers.

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Blurred video of sky light passing through a tree

Abstract blur video, with blue circles of light from the sky passing through the branches and leaves of a tree.

Blurred circular lights on blue

Blurred circular white and yellow lights on a blue background.

Colored lights of cars in a video out of focus

Moving and flashing colored lights from the headlights of many cars crossing an avenue at night, in an out-of-focus video.

Blurred purple lights bokeh

Blurred circular purple lights in motion on a dark background.

White car lights in a defocused view

Moving white lights from the headlights of many cars on a street at night, in a defocused view, through a wire fence.

Lights in a blurry and out-of-focus shot

White, red and yellow lights in a blurry shot and out of focus, moving it in the dark, in the form of large circles.

Defocused view of lights of an avenue

Defocused view of the colored lights of moving car headlights traveling on an avenue in the dark of night.

Defocused blue lights reflected in water

Water rippling gently, while reflecting the blue lights around you, in a blurred out of focus view.

Out of focus view to a large avenue at night

Out of focus view of a large avenue, with the intense white, yellow and red lights of car headlights, during the dark of night.

Sunlight passing through the leaves of a tree

White light from the sun passing through the green leaves and branches of a tree.

Colored lights in the dark in an out of focus video

Lots of blue, green and orange colored lights slowly moving in the dark, up and down, in the dark, out of focus video.

Out of focus view of car lights at night

Out of focus view of many white and red colored lights from moving cars traveling down an avenue at night.

Defocused view of an avenue at night

Defocused vertical video of a large avenue during the darkness of the night, with the moving white and red lights of the cars.

Many colored lights in an out of focus view

Lots of blue, white and yellow colored lights slowly moving up and down in the dark, in an out of focus view.

Defocused car lights in a prism

Intense defocused red and yellow lights of moving cars in the dark, in an abstract video split with a prism.

Leaves, branches and the blue sky in an out of focus shot

Green leaves and branches of a tree with the blue sky in the background, in a defocused and blurred view.

Lights of an avenue at night in a defocused shot

Colored lights of an avenue in a city at night, with cars moving slowly in a blurred out of focus vertical shot.

Video with mirrors in symmetry of defocused lights

Multi-colored lights out of focus from the headlights of moving cars, in a video with mirrors in symmetry.

Abstract video of out of focus lights in a prism

Abstract video of out of focus lights of many colors purple, lilac and orange, moving in a prism of mirrors in symmetry.

Colored lights of cars in a defocused video

Lots of red, white, yellow and blue colored lights of cars moving at night, in a vertical and defocused video.

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