369 Free Black Background Stock Videos

All videos are free and ready to be used for any creative purpose under the Mixkit License.

Sparks coming out of a lit sparkler

Close up shot of sparks coming out of a lit sparkler with a black background.

Flames rising to the center

Flames of the silhouettes of various bonfires rising towards the center of the video from the ends.

Flame on a dark background

Flame moving smoothly on a dark background.

Red flower underwater

Red carnation with water drops on its petals rotating on a black background.

Pink tulip underwater

A pink tulip with green leaves underwater in slow motion.

Flame coming out of a hoop

Flame coming out of a ring, on a dark background.

Black background with two flames waving

Two flaming flames stand out on a black background, one up and one upside down.

Green leaves

Green stem and leaves rotating on a black background

Little flames coming off

Small flames peeling off from left to right on a black background.

Flames burning from below and to the sides

Flames of bonfire silhouettes burning from below and to the sides on a black background.

Fire in detail in the dark

Fire seen in detail, illuminating in the dark.

Flames up and down with black background

Flames up and down the screen moving towards the center of the video on a black background.

Flame waving on a black background

Flame gently waving on a black background, very close view.

Bubbles underwater with black background

A bunch of air bubbles in motion underwater with black background.

Close up video of water falling from a watering can

Detailed view of water falling in a semi-parabolic path directly from a watering can, with a dark background.

Burning flames with black background

Flames burning from the sides on a black background.

Fire waving on a dark background

Fire waving viewed up close on a black background.

Many balls bouncing

Close-up of many balls bouncing off a metal bowl.

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