369 Free Black Background Stock Videos

All videos are free and ready to be used for any creative purpose under the Mixkit License.

Gold sparklers

Gold sparks from above and from below, on a black background.

Smoke in motion

White smoke in motion dancing across a black background.

Black background with smoke foreground

White smoke slowly moving across a black background.

Smoke on a black background

White smoke in motion with black background.

Colored fuzzy bokeh dots

Many colored fuzzy dots expand as they recede into a black background and twirling light tails as flares follow them.

Sparkler being lit with a match

Shot of a sparkler being lit as sparks fall around on a dark background.

Expanding white ink

Black background, two spots of white ink begin to expand.

Fire on black background in slow motion

Flames rising up on black background in slow motion.

Water falling on a dark background

Water flowing smoothly in a thin stream in the center of the shot, on a dark background.

Inlaid flames waving in the dark

Embedded flames waving at different intensities on a dark background.

Loop of a flame giving off fire

Loop of the closeup of a flame giving off fire in a dark room.

Burning flames on a black background

Flames burning from below the video on a black background in slow motion.

White smoke close up

White smoke, close up, in front of a with black background.

Golden glitters

Golden glitters in a dark room in motion.

White and yellow sparks from fireworks

White and yellow sparks shooting up from the bottom, with a black background.

Blue fire in dark background

Blue flames of fire rising from the bottom of the video dimly lighting the bottom blue.

Sparks of fire on a black background

Sparks of fire sprouting on a dark background, while some are out of focus.

Flames rising from the sides to the center

Flames rising from the sides of the video towards the center, a black background behind them.

Candle lighting in the dark

Round candle lit illuminating while it goes out leaving completely in darkness.

Fire on black background

Flames rising from below the screen moving intensely on a black background.

Ice cream with caramel on a black background

Scoop of ice cream with caramel detail view on a black background.

Fire particles on dark background

Defocused fire particles falling, on a dark background.

Red flames on black background

Red flames burning from the ends of the video on a black or dark background.

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