Frame Templates for After Effects

17 Free After Effects Templates for Frame. All of our After Effects Templates are free to download and ready to use in your next video project, under the Mixkit License.

Video Grid Text

After Effectsproject

Animated headline frames with a video grid.

Frame Animation Story

After Effectsproject

A delayed frame shape animation with heading and tagline.

Photo Slideshow Frame

After Effectsproject

Four layer slideshow frame with a video background and three video placeholders.

Laying Text Frame

After Effectsproject

Angled bold heading text with a variety of fills.

Travel Vertical Story

After Effectsproject

Fast moving video placeholders with text animation and a booking prompt.

Photo Frame Slideshow

After Effectsproject

A retro design with a polaroid style frame and lens flares.

Broken Frame Glitch Title

After Effectsproject

Glitch style headline animation with frame distortion, static overlay and warping.

Pixel Frame Intro

After Effectsproject

A pixelated transition effect with animated text and a logo reveal.

Frame Spin Transition

After Effectsproject

A frame spin to the right transition.

Frame Hold Text Block

After Effectsproject

A lower third style title block which holds the frame allowing the viewer to read longer.

Off Frame Title

After Effectsproject

Huge headings which leave the frame and a middle aligned text field.

Video Glitch Title

After Effectsproject

A video background with a full frame glitch effect, heading and tagline with a fade to black.

Real Estate Intro

After Effectsproject

Rolling frame transitions, video placeholder and text fields.

Grid Grow Transition

After Effectsproject

A square grid effect which grows across the frame.

Love Slideshow

After Effectsproject

Animated photo slides on a single color background. Photos animate in to the frame and remain.

News Lower Third

After Effectsproject

Scrolling news lower third, which runs the length of the frame. With heading and moving text.

Kinetic Opener Video

After Effectsproject

A kinetic style title which zooms towards the frame revealing a video.


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