Box Templates for After Effects

18 Free After Effects Templates for Box. All of our After Effects Templates are free to download and ready to use in your next video project, under the Mixkit License.

Box Reveal Lower Thrid

After Effectsproject

An animated box which reveals the main heading and tagline.

Dual Box Lower Third

After Effectsproject

Small lower third with two boxed headings and an angled animation.

Angled Line Lower Third

After Effectsproject

An animated line with multiple headlings.

Boxed Title Gradients

After Effectsproject

Gradient boxes animated in and out with headings.

Modern Video Boxes

After Effectsproject

A modern title animation with minimal video frames and boxed tagline.

Bold Callout Box

After Effectsproject

A thick callout box and subheading field with an animated line.

Boxed Hamburger Button

After Effectsproject

Shape animation and a boxed heading with a hamburger menu button.

Bold Box Callout

After Effectsproject

A large box with a simple text animation.

Split Box Callout

After Effectsproject

Three callout boxes and a tagline with an upwards animation entrance.

Retro Video Story Box

After Effectsproject

A retro style story for Instagram with a video box, heart icon and tagline.

Animated Gradient Box Title

After Effectsproject

An animated boxed title with an animated gradient fill which changes color.

Animated Box Entrance

After Effectsproject

Two boxes with an entrance animation and bounce effect.

3D Box Heading

After Effectsproject

A rotating 3D cube animation containing a heading. With a tagline below and swipe prompt.

Three Box Callout

After Effectsproject

Three different color backgrounds and headling text.

Grunge Callout Box

After Effectsproject

A grunge effect box with a simple subheading container.

Tagline Bold Text

After Effectsproject

Multiple bold headlines with text box masks.

YouTube Branding And Subs

After Effectsproject

An animated channel branding box with subscriber counter and button.

Quick Text Branding

After Effectsproject

Bold text with a fast transition leads to an animated branding box.


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