1772 Free Walking Stock Videos

From strolling empty streets or snow capped mountains, walking will help clear the mind and take you to greater heights. Choose videos of people walking candidly, hiking, strutting or stalling to add a slower pace to your video project. All stock video clips can be downloaded for free, to be used in your next awesome video project under the Mixkit License! Also check out Run, Fitness, Walk, Woman, Tracking, Couple, International Womens Day, Man and Forest.

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Woman and man having a walk on a beach

Woman and man having a nice walk at sunset, near the shore of a peaceful beach with many palm trees and some stilt houses.

Gardener walking through a nursery

Male gardener wearing an apron, walking and observing, through a nursery full of many small flowering plants.

Professional gardener walking through a nursery

Professional gardener with a tool, boots and an apron, walking down a dirt walkway in a nursery filled with many plants of various kinds.

Girl with Mexican style walking through a ranch

Young woman with Mexican style outfit, walking on a sunny farm, among maguey fields, in a view from tracking shot.

Man walking through colorful smoke bombs

A man walks backwards through colorful smoke bomb. Silhouette of a man amongst blue and yellow smoke. Urban trendy, urban style.

Two cyclists walking down the street

Couple of cyclists walking down the street with their bicycles during a sunny day.

Couple walking through a park after a bike ride

Close-up tracking shot of the legs of a couple walking through a sunny park after a bike ride.

Couple with bikes walking in a park

A boy and a girl with bicycles walking through a sunny park, while talking.

Girl walking with a bicycle on the sidewalk

Young woman walking with a bicycle on the sidewalk in a city profile view.

A woman walking through a vintage house corridor

A woman in a white dress walks and models along a vintage decorated corridor, bath and bedroom.

Aerial walk above an immense pine forest

Aerial walk above an immense pine forest that completely covers a mountain range that disappears into the horizon.

Walking a plain of sand covered with water

Crossing a plain of sand covered with water, surrounded by vegetation and some hills on the horizon.

Pair of mountaineers walking through nature at dusk

Male and female mountaineers walking through nature at dusk, at the end of a long day of mountaineering.

Walking an arid hill among its trees

Aerial tour over an arid hill covered with dry grass passing between its trees, with a view towards the horizon.

Walking through the city under a bridge at sunset

Slow walking through a city, passing under a bridge, while the sun slowly approaches the horizon line.

Slow walk through a quiet park with grass and trees

Walking slowly through a quiet park covered with grass and trees on a sunny day.

Female cyborg starting her system and walking

Futuristic fashion concept video with a cyborg model starting her system in a tech environment.

Woman with face mask walking with her dog

Woman with a face mask walking with her small dog surrounded by bushes and flowers.

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