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Putting out candles on a colorful cake

Detailed focus of 3 pink candles with lighted stars, on top of a colorful pastel, while a blown extinguishes them, with the background out of focus.

Strange shapes in soap bubbles with iridescent effect

Pair of soap bubbles with a colorful and abstract texture, with random shapes and a rainbow effect, captured in the foreground on a dark background.

Detail of a piece of old wood

Great detail view of the texture of an old piece of wood, eaten by termites and worn, with holes and sawdust everywhere, ideal as a background shot.

Martini glasses with olives on a white background

Two martini glasses with olives, one in front of the other, with focus on the closest one, while they serve one more olive, with a white background.

Covering a pink background with candies in stop motion

A candy in the center of a pink background, while more candies begin to appear around it, until the scene is covered and once full it empties again.

Abstract video of a liquid with dark ink flowing

Abstract black and white video of the texture of a thick transparent liquid, with bubbles and a very dark ink flowing rapidly on a white background.

Animated stop motion frame of candies on a pink background

Frame of candy, lollipops and gums of different flavors, colors and shapes on a fuchsia pink background, while moving from position to stop motion.

Old tap with tartar seen in detail from below

Detailed video of an old faucet with a bit of tartar seen from below, while water comes out and an unfocused hand in the background closes the tap.

Slippery slime in the hands of a woman

The hands of a woman with multicolored painted nails playing with green slime, throwing her and caught her several times on a pale pink background.

Woman playing with green plasticine, stretching and squeezing it

Woman playing with green plasticine, squeezing and stretching it on a pink background, in a close shot of her hands with colorfully painted nails.

Purple color mix in water on a white background

Purple color mix in water on a white background, quickly entering and creating smoke-like shapes, taken in detail, perfect as a background image.

Abstract video of defocused lights in a prism

Flickering, oscillating white and orange lights on a blue background, in an abstract out-of-focus video, with a symmetrical multi-mirrored prism.

Colored chocolates jumping on a pink background

Abundant chocolates of colors covering the scene, while the shot opens slowly, and suddenly they jump through the air to see the pink background.

Texture of a turquoise green colored substance

Turquoise green substance, covered with many bubbles of different sizes, while a black drop breaks in the center and mixes with the other liquid.

Person cutting banana for a fruit cocktail

Person cutting banana on top of a wooden board, surrounded by all kinds of fruit, while depositing the slices in a bowl with more chopped fruit.

Soap bubbles with a colorful iridescent effect

An abstract video of the striking movements and colorful iridescent effect of the surface of several grouped soap bubbles, in a very close view.

Pot with spilled sweets on a yellow background

Jar full of candy is thrown just in front of the shot spilling all the sweets, chocolates and jelly beans near the shot, on a yellow background.

Young woman having fun with pink slime

Woman playing with pink slime, throwing it and caught several times on a pale pink background, in a shot close to her hands with colorful nails.

Playing with plasticine, kneading it

Woman playing with pink plasticine, kneading it in front of the camera, in a shot of her hands with colored painted nails, on a pink background.

Rotating bowl with fruit on a white background

Rotating glass bowl with fruit like kiwi, banana, strawberries, and others, on a white background, seen up close, while honey is served on top.

Colors reflected in a water surface

Mix of green, gray and white colors, reflected on the surface of the water, while its waves travel slowly through the shot, seen from close up.

Sliced banana

Banana cut into stacked slices viewed in detail, while the camera goes from one side to the other very close, revealing its details and colors.

Person taking coffee powder from a small sack

Close view of a small sack with coffee powder perched on a surface covered with many coffee beans, when a person takes the powder with a spoon.

A woman's hands manipulating pink slime

The hands of a woman with colorful nails, playing with a little pink slime, throwing and catching it several times, on a light pink background.

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