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Little girl drawing with her father in front

Little girl drawing some books on the table at home while showing her drawing to her father across the table.

Woman and a blue easter egg

A woman is holding and showing the camera a blue Easter egg with white flower decorations.

Elegant woman in kimono in dark playroom

Elegant woman in a kimono in a dark playroom, looking straight into the camera, showing her ring fist.

Man driving a jeep crossing a desert

Epic aerial shot of a man driving a scouting jeep at speed, crossing a desert.

Extreme closeup of the pixels of a cursor

Extreme closeup of the pixels of the cursor icon on a screen, showing the small pixels and RGB lights.

Painted sign on a building with the words Bom Dia!

Poster on a building showing a cartoon character and the phrase Bom Dia!

Monitor of an industrial lathe cutter

The monitor of an industrial lathe mower showing the status of the mower process.

Skyscraper at night

Skyscraper during a cloudy night with a digital clock showing the time seen from a tree-lined park.

Explaining how to brush your teeth

Hands of a dental healthcare professional showing his patient how to brush his teeth with a plastic model.

Forest landscape

Panning across a forest, showing dirt paths and small roads.

Large street passing through a city at night

Cars make their way on a long highway crossing through the middle of a city, the lights showing the city landscape at night.

Happy man chatting on a video call

Young man in front of a computer with headphones while smiling, talking and showing his watch towards the camera, with a window and plants behind, and the shot rises slowly.

A young woman wearing a black outfit and sunglasses enter a rustic old cabbin in the woods.

Dressed in a sleek black outfit and sporting sunglasses, a young woman boldly enters an abandoned, rustic cabin nestled deep within the woods to pose in the window for the camera.

A young filmaker capturing a stunning landscape with an old camera

On a bright and sunny day, a young filmmaker is capturing a stunning landscape with an old-fashioned film camera. Dressed in a cozy knit hat and sporting an earring, the filmmaker focuses on a distant lake and the majestic mountains beyond.

Visual effect of disco ball spinning

A visual effect showing four reflections of a disco ball spinning and rotating while shinning light bounces on the ball.

Slippery slime in the hands of a woman who plays with it

Woman playing with yellow slime, scooping it out of a glass container several times, on a pink background.

Woman shows consistent blue plasticine in the form of ice cream

A woman's hands on a pink background, showing ice cream made of blue plasticine and full of colorful accounts and stars in a glass jar.

Stomach cancer ribbon in the hands of a man

Man showing a lilac ribbon in his hands in front of and near the lens, this as a show of solidarity with the fight against stomach cancer.

Ribbon of support against stomach cancer of a woman

Portrait of a young woman proudly showing her support for stomach cancer awareness by wearing a lilac ribbon on her chest.

Solidarity to lung cancer of a woman with a ribbon

Portrait of a happy woman over an orange background, showing her commitment to raising awareness for lung cancer by putting on a white ribbon on her chest.

Smiling woman with a ribbon in support of childhood cancer

Young cheerful woman dressed in yellow, showing her solidarity with the campaign against childhood cancer by wearing a yellow ribbon on her chest, proudly pointing at it with her fingers.

Woman with a lung cancer ribbon on her chest

Close up of the chest of a woman showing a white ribbon with her hands, as a show of solidarity in the fight against lung cancer.

Woman with a ribbon in support against prostate cancer

Cheerful woman in white wearing a sky blue ribbon, showing her support for the fight against prostate cancer.

Sign of support against brain cancer with a gray ribbon

Portrait of a young man showing his support for brain cancer awareness by placing a gray ribbon on his chest.

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