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Close up shot of a pepperoni pizza on a table

Close and detailed shot of a pepperoni pizza, served in the center of a table, in a slowly receding shot.

Pouring healthy cereal into a bowl until full

Bowl of chocolate flavored puffed rice cereal while milk is served, in a close-up shot from above.

Glass with ice with orange soda

Close-up view of a glass with ice cubes that is served with orange soda until spilled, on a sky blue background.

Cold beers in a small cooler

Foamy beer is served in a glass in a cooler filled with ice surrounded by other glass bottles.

Pepperoni pizza in a close up shot

Freshly made pepperoni pizza in a very close shot moving slowly from side to side, served in the center of a table.

Adding nutritious cereal to a bowl of milk

Small bowl of cereal on a pink surface, while milk is served in a thin stream.

Texture of sugary cereal with yogurt

Sugar ring cereal texture served with yogurt as the bowl rotates slowly.

Woman preparing a sandwich with a salad

Woman in a kitchen preparing a sandwich with a salad served on a plate, takes the sandwich off the heat and takes the plate away.

Healthy breakfast bowl

Closeup of a breakfast fruit bowl served in a plastic cup

Tennis player serving

A young man in a white and blue t-shirt, white shorts and a blue baseball cap holds a tennis racket as he throws a tennis ball in the air to serve the ball.

Martini glasses with olives on a white background

Two martini glasses with olives, one in front of the other, with focus on the closest one, while they serve one more olive, with a white background.

Serving foamy beer in a glass

Glass goblet seen in detail from below, while being served foamy and carbonated beer, with a couple of cold bottles on the sides, on a white background.

Serving coffee in a cup on coffee beans

Close-up video of a cup being served with coffee, on top of a base of many coffee beans, and some unfocused plants in the background.

Foamy beer spilling from a glass

Foamy beer is served in a glass in an ice chest surrounded by other glass bottles.

Breakfast at a table with bread, coffee and fruit

Breakfast served on a wooden table, with bread, coffee and fruit, while pouring cream on the espresso.

Filling a glass with red wine

View of a small green table with a lamp, a cigarette in an ashtray and a glass that is served with red wine.

Couple preparing for a healthy dinner

Couple preparing for dinner healthy salad with red wine, the woman serves the salad and the man prepares the wine.

Couple preparing salad for dinner

Couple prepares their dinner in the kitchen, the woman serves salad in bowls while the man serves wine in glasses.

Bread appetizer

Appetizer of bread served on plates with 3 types of dressings next to a table wine.

Beer glass being set on a table

A person wearing a black t-shirt sets a tall glass of freshly served beer onto a black tabletop.

Beer taps on a wall

A single glass of beer is being served from one of may taps on a white tile wall.

Preparing a banana split on a pink background

Banana split on a pink background, while they serve chocolate syrup and small sweets.

Bowl of yogurt with fruit

Very close view of a black bowl served with yogurt with slices of assorted fruit such as peach, kiwi and apple.

Pouring red wine into a glass

Glass cup while red wine is being served from a bottle, in a shot that slowly rises from the glass to the bottle, with a red curtain in the background.

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