449 Free Seashore Stock Videos

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Bandera de portugal ondeando en el mar con la costa en el fondo

Portugal flag waving on the sea with the coast with white houses and sailboats in the background

People bathing on the rocks of the seashore

People bathing on the rocks of the sea shore while the waves burst on the cliff

Tourists at a beach bar watching at sunset

The silhouette of tourists sitting in a beach bar watching the sunset on the seashore.

The viewpoint of a coastal city

View of a tourist coastal town with cliffs and houses in the hills.

Tourist boardwalk

Tourist boardwalk near the seashore full of small rocks and with jogging runners and calm waters in the sea.

Long dock in the sea

Aerial shot of a wooden pier with a bungalow in the middle crossing the turquoise sea from the shore.

Urban outdoor gym

Urban outdoor gym with green appliances protected from the sun with metal structures in gray, in the background a small fence in yellow and the sky with clouds

Water plane arriving at a harbor

Water plane arriving at a paradise harbor with a wooden pier and boats in a turquoise seashore.

Harbor town with boats on the calm sea

View of a harbor with docked and moving boats on the calm water.

Waves crash on a cliff

Waves crash on the edge of a cliff causing white foam.

View of the rocks and the sea from the boardwalk

View of dark rocks and sea waves moving from the concrete boardwalk. Sky with clouds in the background

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