1145 Free Sea Stock Videos

Feel the sand between your toes with this seaside collection of free videos. From crashing waves on the shoreline to relaxing beach hut views, each video will bring you closer to summer. Breathe in the salty air and be transported to your next beachside holiday. All stock video clips can be downloaded for free, to be used in your next awesome video project under the Mixkit License! Also check out Water, Beach, Ocean, Seashore, Aerial, Nature and Wave.

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Aerial tour backwards over the sea at sunset

Air travel backwards over the sea, with a view of the horizon with some hills and the sun about to hide at sunset.

Flying quickly over the edge of a beach

Flying quickly by drone along the shore of a sunny beach with many palm trees, stilt houses, and mountains in the distance.

Flying over the sea near a peninsula

Aerial shot of a peninsula covered with trees and vegetation during sunset, from the heights above the sea.

Electric storm over the ocean

Clouds moving in the sea with a thunderstorm with flashing lightning bolts and the moon on the horizon

Surfer walking on the beach with the sun on the water

The silhouette of a person walking on the beach with a surfboard under their arm, the sun setting or rising over the ocean.

Dynamic drone aerial tour on a sunny beach

Dynamic and fast drone aerial tour over a sunny beach covered with palm trees and stilt houses, with mountains in the distance.

Woman running happily on the beach

A young woman with long brown hair wearing a white dress runs, jumps, and smiles on the beach, large rocks and palm trees in the background.

Tropical island landscape view

View of the tropical island landscape, from a hill with houses, palm trees and many trees, and in the distance the hills that surround the sea, on a sunny day.

Couple on a swing on a beach

Happy couple in love riding a swing on a beach with people, and the sea in the background during a sunny day.

Choppy ocean waves with mountains in the background

Sea background with choppy waves bobbing along and mountains in the background

Woman and man walking on a beach

Woman and man walking and chatting on a peaceful beach during sunset, while the small waves reach the shore.

Abstract photograph of a woman crying ocean waves

Photograph of a woman with piercings, with erased eyes and a strip under one eye, with foamy waves in the sea in the background, simulating that the girl cries ocean waves.

Aerial view of people surfing

Aerial shot of surfers in the ocean waiting for waves

Deserted coastline, timelapse

Rocky coast in a day with few waves and a calm sea with moving clouds and boats passing by.

Woman with blue wrap on the beach

A woman with blonde hair wearing a black swimsuit holds a blue wrap in extended arms, the wind making it wave. A cliff and small waves crashing on the sea in the background.

Sunset Beach Aerial Tour

Fast aerial tour over a beach at sunset, with many palm trees, hills in the distance and the waves of the sea on the sand.

Sea water texture waving

Texture of seawater, gently rippling in a close-up shot from above, as it reflects the sunlight at sunset.

Texture of the waves covering the sand of a beach

Close-up view of the shoreline of a sunny beach, as a pair of foaming waves roll in and slowly cover the sand.

School of fish swimming

Small school of fish swimming together in the ocean.

Family walking on a beautiful beach

A family walks on a sandbar, in a tropical location with aqua blue water.

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