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People doing yoga and meditation together

Two girls and a boy doing yoga and meditation together in a peaceful room with Buddhist elements and paintings, and a window to a small garden.

Small group of people doing yoga together

Small group of people, two women and one man, doing yoga together on the floor of a room with a window to a small garden.

Woman having fun taking selfies

Young woman resting and having fun taking selfies lying on a sofa at home in the dark of night only illuminated by the dim light of a purple lava lamp.

Luxury swimming pool

Timelapse of a luxury swimming pool in a boutique hotel.

Woman enjoying sunbathing

Woman enjoys sunbathing sitting outside a pool with her feet inside wearing sunglasses and looking at the sky.

Girl with roller skates resting on the bench at sunset

Girl with roller skates resting on a bench in an empty street, with trees, grass and a natural field in the background with horses, during a sunset.

Yoga and stretching on the beach

Beautiful landscape video of a yoga woman seeing from her back while stretching on the sand near to the sea waves with sunset at the background and the sea waves arriving to the beach and hitting the shore rocks.

Timelapse on a sunny beach

Timelapse on a sunny beach, with many footprints in the sand, small waves and mountains covered with vegetation in the distance.

Panorama of a sunny and calm beach

View to the horizon from the shore of a sunny beach, with footprints in the sand and mountains in the distance.

Young woman meditating outdoors

Young woman meditating outdoors with her eyes closed in a yoga pose, sitting on a rock in the sunlight, with blue sky in the background.

Three people practicing yoga together

Two women and a man practicing yoga together, striking a complicated pose in a room overlooking a small garden.

Three people doing yoga together

Two women and a man, doing the same yoga pose in a room, with a large window overlooking a garden and a corner dedicated to Buddhism.

Woman resting and taking selfies at night

Woman resting lying on a sofa, listening to music and taking selfies at night, in the dark barely lit by a dim purple light.

Coffee and music in the morning

Young woman drinking coffee and listening to music with her headphones in the morning, while she dances sitting on her kitchen counter.

Young woman meditating on the floor with hand on chest

Young woman meditating from the front sitting on the floor of her home, in a yoga pose with her eyes closed, with one hand on her chest.

Woman in blazer on the street, smiling in the foreground

Adult woman dressed in a jacket on the street, smiling towards the camera, while cars and people pass by in the background.

Pensive young man listening to music on his headphones

Pensive young man sitting in a beautiful park on a sunny day, while putting on his headphones and starting to smile.

Waves of the sea arriving at a beach

Close-up view of foamy ocean waves gently washing up on the shore of a beach one after another during sunset.

Woman and man meditating on top of a huge rock

Man and woman standing high on a huge rock while practicing yoga, shot from below, with blue sky in the background.

Man meditating outdoors

Young man meditating outdoors sitting on a huge rock, while breathing and making movements with his hands, on a sunny day.

Woman dancing while cleaning her house

Young woman happily dancing to the music of her headphones while cleaning her house surrounded by plants, near a window with a view of the city.

Relaxed woman enjoying music in her headphones

Very close shot of the face of a relaxed young woman enjoying music in her headphones, while resting at night.

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