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Mother and daughter preparing a pumpkin for Halloween

Mother and daughter preparing a Halloween pumpkin of several, putting a lit candle inside, in the dining room at home.

Halloween pumpkin on a chroma green background

Terrifying Halloween pumpkin with a carved evil face, and candles lighting inside, on a chroma green background.

Scary Halloween pumpkin lit up in the dark

Terrifying and evil smile illuminated from a Halloween pumpkin and with smoke coming out of it, in the dark, under a dim flickering light.

Halloween pumpkin in the garden

Terrifying Halloween pumpkin with candlelight inside, adorning a garden at night.

Mother and daughter laughing when making halloween ornaments

Young mother and her little daughter having fun making Halloween pumpkins, playing with the leftovers, in the dining room of their house, in a close shot.

Happy mother and daughter making halloween ornaments

Happy mother and daughter making Halloween pumpkins together, cutting the peel, sitting in the dining room at home.

Mother and daughter making a pumpkin for halloween

Mother and daughter sitting at a table, making a pumpkin for Haloween together, piercing it with a knife.

Scary Halloween pumpkin lit up in the dead of night

Scary carved Halloween pumpkin lit up in the dead of night, on a plant-covered metal frame.

Creepy Halloween Pumpkin in Dark Cloud Forest

Spooky Halloween pumpkin, illuminated inside, in a dark, gloomy and cloudy forest, with many trees with long trunks.

Halloween pumpkin with cobwebs, candles, gravestones and smoke around

Illuminated Halloween pumpkin surrounded by cobwebs, skull-based candles, moss, headstones, and smoke slowly flowing around the scene.

Halloween ornaments and small pumpkins

A selection of halloween accessories, like pumpkins, candles and a toy pumpkin.

Some pumpkins for halloween in a close up shot

Some Halloween pumpkins on a table in a dining room, in a close up shot that slowly pans across them.

lighting a candle in a halloween pumpkin

Mother showing her little daughter how she light a candle inside a Halloween pumpkin, in a close up shot.

Halloween pumpkins on a table

Close view of a table with some Halloween pumpkins of various sizes on it, and some smaller ones inside a basket.

Pumpkin for halloween with a lit candle inside

A very close shot of a typical Halloween pumpkin on a table, with a lit candle inside, surrounded by small seasonal decorations.

Daughter and mother preparing a pumpkin for halloween

Little girl sitting on her mother's legs, together preparing a pumpkin for Halloween by putting a candle inside.

Person making a hole in a pumpkin for Halloween

Person making a hole in a pumpkin with a knife, to then pull hard on the peduncle and reveal the inside of the pumpkin.

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