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Abstract painting with blue, black and white

Detailed view of a conceptual and abstract painting, made with blue and black paint on a white canvas.

Wooden mannequin and some art instruments

Wooden mannequin for drawing on a white surface, surrounded by a set of brushes, paints and a pencil.

Artist working in her studio

Female artist working in her studio on a table with many brushes and more instruments, while the camera pans back and forth.

Brush of an artist painting artwork in slow motion

Brush held by an artist, while applying blue paint on top of a work on a white canvas, seen up close.

Texture of a painter's palette

A slow and close tour of the texture of a painter's palette, covered in old dry paint and fresh paint, with a small palette knife in between.

Talented artist painting an abstract picture

Talented artist painting a very large colorful abstract painting with many lines and shapes skillfully, in a view above her.

Artist skillfully painting on a canvas

Shot from below a canvas as a talented artist draws lines as she begins to paint a piece, in her art studio.

Female artist painting a picture in a workshop

Painter painting a picture in an artistic workshop, copying an image, reloaded on an easel.

Low view of an artist painting on canvas

Low angle of an artist painting a flowerpot with oil paint on canvas.

Texture of a brush painting blue color

Brush applying blue paint in an artistic work, with movements from top to bottom, seen from close up.

Painter depicting an artistic work on a canvas

Female painter depicting a work of an abstract blue color face, on a canvas with an easel, in a room surrounded by artist's instruments and pictures on the wall.

Artist painting the mouth of a face on a canvas

Artist painting the mouth of a blue face with a brush on a white canvas, close up.

Abstract face of blue color being painted

Painting of an abstract face of blue color, while a person paints it on a white canvas with a brush.

Hands painting a canvas with watercolor

Detailed video of artwork painted in watercolors by an artist, while wetting her brush and applying color.

Details of a mannequin for drawing

Feet of a mannequin in drawing positions, on a white table, with a set of brushes and a pair of tubes of paint, the shot slowly runs through the scene from right to left.

Hands painting with watercolors, close up

Artist painting with watercolors on a white painting, with a close focus on details, the shot goes from one side to the other, revealing the environment full of paintings and brushes.

Painter drawing lines in a watercolor art

Hands of a painter with a ruler on top of a small watercolor painting, on a table with paints, brushes, pencils and a canvas cloth.

Close shot of an artist's hand painting

Close-up shot of an artist's hand painting an oil painting on canvas, brushing delicately with blue paint.

Artist applying paint to a painting with a palette

Artist applying blue paint to a painting with a palette with skill and technique in a very close-up shot of the canvas.

Texture of an artist's palette with paint

Close-up view of the texture of a worn artist's palette with dry, old paint and fresh blue and red paint.

Portrait of a female artist in her art studio

Portrait of a professional and confident female artist in her art studio, looking confidently straight into the lens.

Skilled female artist painting a picture

Expert female artist skillfully painting figures in a painting, in her cozy art studio full of brushes and paint.

Hand of an artist girl painting with a brush

Hand of an artist girl painting with a brush, filling it with paint from a watercolor.

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