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Painter depicting an artistic work on a canvas

Female painter depicting a work of an abstract blue color face, on a canvas with an easel, in a room surrounded by artist's instruments and pictures on the wall.

Brush painting black lines

Detailed view of a brush while painting black lines on a white canvas, with paint tubes and brushes in the background out of focus.

Woman painting in her studio

Female artist skillfully painting on a canvas in her studio full of paints, brushes and other instruments.

Man dancing with fluorescent paint and a mask

Urban dancer with a light mask and fluorescent paint dancing skillfully, in front of the lens, in a dark place with party lights.

Hands painting a canvas with watercolor

Detailed video of artwork painted in watercolors by an artist, while wetting her brush and applying color.

Close shot of an artist's hand painting

Close-up shot of an artist's hand painting an oil painting on canvas, brushing delicately with blue paint.

Texture of a painter's palette

A slow and close tour of the texture of a painter's palette, covered in old dry paint and fresh paint, with a small palette knife in between.

Artist mixing paint on her palette

Female artist mixing paint on her old and used palette with the help of a small metal spatula, in a close up shot of her hands.

Girl dancing with a mask in front of the lens

Girl dancing with a mask in front of the lens with fluorescent paint on the body, under a dim blue party light.

Underwater fluorescent green paint texture

Fluorescent green paint texture descending underwater in mirror effect video.

Hand of a woman painting with watercolors

Follow-up to the hand of a female artist painting a person's face on paper with watercolors, while she moistens the brush with paint and adds color to the drawing.

Three artist girls working in a painting workshop

Three artist girls working in a paint shop, crammed with brushes and paints, as they work together on a painting.

Texture of a brush painting

Texture of a brush with green paint slowly painting.

Blue plastic skull covered with a pink liquid on a blue background

Blue plastic skull on a background of the same color, seen up close while a thick pink liquid is spilled on it.

Texture of a brush painting blue color

Brush applying blue paint in an artistic work, with movements from top to bottom, seen from close up.

Brush of an artist painting artwork in slow motion

Brush held by an artist, while applying blue paint on top of a work on a white canvas, seen up close.

Tattooed artist applying paint

An artist's hand with a spatula, she takes some black paint from a table with brushes, paint, and a few markers as applies the paint to her work.

Hand of an artist with a brush when painting

Hand of a painter, holding a brush while applying purple paint to her artwork, close up view.

Artist applying paint to a painting with a palette

Artist applying blue paint to a painting with a palette with skill and technique in a very close-up shot of the canvas.

Young female artist painting in an art studio

Portrait of a young female artist wearing an apron, painting very focused on a canvas with in an art studio.

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