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Young man preparing a film set in an office

Influencer preparing a recording set on a desk, with reflectors, cameras, a computer, an electric piano and an audio interface, with a window in the background.

Musician sitting on an old ladder playing his banjo

Young man in a hat, sunglasses and boots sitting on some old steps, inspiringly playing his banjo.

Cheerful boy and girl playing music sitting in a park

A man and a woman in a hat playing music. He plays a banjo and she nods to the beat as she begins to sing, with an unfocused park in the background.

Two DJ's mixing music at a nightclub

A DJ mixing music plays a song and starts dancing next to another DJ in a nightclub full of lights and disco balls on the ceiling.

Bass guitarist playing on stage

Side view video of a man playing the electric guitar. Guitarist's fingers strum and pluck electric bass guitar. Guitar player on stage playing an electric bass guitar during a live performance at night under colored spotlights. Video with gig shallow depth of field.

Silhouette of a guitarist playing on a pink background

Silhouette of an experienced guitarist, skillfully playing a Spanish guitar, on a luminous pink background.

Guitarist playing in the dark on a pink background

Skillful guitarist sitting on a bench, playing a Spanish guitar, in the dark on a luminous pink background.

Talented musician playing the Spanish guitar

Young musician of great talent, playing the Spanish guitar with skill and agility, in a close shot, on a black background.

Shadow of a keyboardist playing on a blue background

Shadow of a keyboard player, playing expertly and with ease while dancing, on a luminous blue background.

Drummer playing on a dark background in black and white

Drummer playing a calm rhythm against a dark background in a very close shot from the drums, in a black and white video.

Talented drummer playing in a close shot

Talented and skilled drummer playing against a dark background, in a very close shot from the cymbals of his drum kit.

Musician playing the saxophone very inspired

Very inspired musician playing the saxophone, elegantly dressed in a red jacket and hat, on a dark background.

Pianist playing in an elegant hall

Musician playing the grand piano in an elegant living room, in a close up shot of him from under the lid of the piano case.

Experienced pianist playing a grand piano

Experienced pianist playing a luxurious grand piano while composing a song with scored sheets, in an elegant setting.

Inspired musician playing the trumpet

Talented and inspired musician, elegantly dressed, playing the trumpet with skill and intensity, dancing to the rhythm, on a dark background.

Skilled drummer playing the drums

Skilled drummer playing the drums fast in a dark rehearsal room.

Foot of a drummer playing the bass drum with the pedal

Foot of a drummer playing the bass drum with the rhythm pedal, in a close shot.

Music producer working in a studio

Music producer working in a recording studio, dancing and doing some setup adjustments.

Dj playing in a desert at dusk

Young DJ playing in a desert at dusk, with the horizon behind him outlined by mountains and hills.

Close shot of a DJ playing at night

Close-up view of the hands and face of a talented DJ playing at night under party lights.

Three talented violinists playing together

Three talented violinists playing together in a close-up take on their hands.

Sheet music played by a violinist in a studio

Tabs performed by a violinist in a recording studio, in a take that goes from the sheet music to the face of the musician.

Two violinists playing together recording in a studio

Two violinists man and woman playing together recording in the booth of a recording studio.

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