930 Free Lights Stock Videos

It is true that lights are the best way to get our attention, that is why we have this great collection of video clips of lights to capture any audience. All stock video clips can be downloaded for free, to be used in your next awesome video project under the Mixkit License!

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Person in the dark observing a lights image

Silhouette of a person looking at an image projected in front, with spectra and light patterns rotating around a center in the background.

Urban trendy woman's portrait taking off a sweatshirt

Vertical portrait video in slow motion of an urban trendy woman wearing a white crop top, a sweatshirt with a floral pattern. A woman taking off or opening her sweatshirt in the street near to a light sign.

Two ballet dancers warming up at ballet salon

Two ballet dancers dancing at a ballet salon wearing ballet dance suits. Young women performing some ballet steps. Contemporary ballet salon with color lights in the walls and ballet bars. Slow motion video of two young women warming up before their ballet practice.

Inside a bus with a few people

Inside view of a bus traveling at night, illuminated with colored neon light bars, with a few people traveling.

Panorama of a big city at night from above

General panorama of a big city illuminated at night with a lot of movement seen from the top of a building.

Man dancing with an orange light bar

Man dancing with an orange light stick in his hands, in the dark, under a dim blue light.

Man with mask dancing in front of the camera

Man with a Halloween mask and with fluorescent paint stains on his body, dancing in front of the camera, under a blinking blue party light.

Portrait of an urban girl dancing with a mask

Portrait of a girl dancing with a lighted mask and fluorescent paint on her body under a flickering blue light.

Boy skillfully dancing with a mask in front of the lens

Young man dancing energetically in front of the lens, wearing a lighted mask and fluorescent paint, under a party light.

Young man dancing in a dark spot with party lights

Young man dancing with a mask and fluorescent paint on the body, in a dark place with party lights.

Young dancers doing dance steps with neon masks

Girls and boys doing dance moves with neon masks and fluorescent paint, under a flickering blue light.

Urban dancers on the street

A curly-haired urban dancer dances while is being watched by someone wearing a LED mask under a red light.

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