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Check out this collection of videos that depict all the different ways we live. Lifestyle: the way we live. What are all the details that make up the way you live? All stock video clips can be downloaded for free, to be used in your next awesome video project under the Mixkit License! Also check out 4K Lifestyle Videos.

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Free Lifestyle Videos

Young woman washing fruit in her kitchen

Young woman washing assorted fruit in her kitchen such as mangoes, peaches and kiwis, rinsing them and putting them in a metal strainer.

Woman cutting a mango for a cocktail for breakfast

Young woman cutting a mango and other fruit after washing it, while preparing a cocktail for breakfast in a kitchen.

Mixing fruit and milk in a blender

Close-up view of a blender as a woman blends strawberries, mangoes, blackberries, and milk for a breakfast shake.

Chopping fruit for a salad

Young woman chopping an apple and some more fruit into slices on a wooden board, preparing a salad for breakfast.

Fruit with yogurt and granola on a plate

Plate with yogurt accompanied by fruit such as blackberries, strawberries and pineapple and a little granola, in a very close shot.

Young woman washing fruit

Young woman washing assorted fruit, such as apples and kiwi, rinsing in her kitchen sink and putting it in a metal strainer.

Woman preparing a salad with avocado

Woman halving and chopping an avocado while preparing a salad, surrounded by more ingredients on a table.

Blending a fruit smoothie in a blender

Blending a smoothie of various fruits inside a blender with milk, in a very close view of the blender jar when starting to blend.

Woman cutting slices of sliced bread

Woman cutting a couple of slices of sliced bread, then she takes one and puts olive oil on it, in a close up shot of her hands.

Chopping a peach with a knife

Close-up view on the hands of a young woman chopping a peach for a salad with a knife on a wooden cutting board.

Young woman washing fruit in a kitchen

Young woman washing fruit in a kitchen sink, rinsing some mangoes and putting them in a large metal strainer.

Man and woman doing yoga on top of a rock

Man and woman doing yoga standing on top of a huge rock, with a clear blue sky in the background, shot from below.

Close-up view of a girl doing yoga outdoors

Close view of a girl while doing yoga outdoors in the sunlight, on top of a rocky mountain, surrounded by lots of greenery.

Woman doing yoga in nature

Woman doing yoga in nature, doing a couple of potions, among trees, rocks and vegetation, on a warm sunny day.

Man with dreadlocks breakdancing

A man break dancing to a hip hop song. A young man with long curly hair break dancing against a white wall. Basic old school break dance steps or moves. Urban dancer. Urban trendy lifestyle.

A couple playing with a yellow smoke bomb

A couple play with a yellow smoke bomb in a car dump place during a sunny day. Slow motion camera effect of a man holding a smoke bomb smile with his girlfriend. A young girl wearing pink t-shirt sleeveless and bib pants and her boyfriend that wears denim jacket spend time together next to a cabin of a trailer truck. Urban lifestyle.

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