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Little girl watering her home garden with a hose

Little girl watering a garden with many pots of plants, trees and shrubs, with a hose, standing from outside a glass door.

Man watering a sunflower in his garden

Young man watering a sunflower with a metal watering can in his garden full of plants, seen up close from below, during a sunny morning.

Young man watering his home garden

Young adult man watering plants from his home garden with a hose on a sunny day.

Gardener fixing a bush in a garden

Gardener fixing a bush in a garden cutting with large blue garden shears, on a sunny day.

Man mowing the lawn with a mower

Young man mowing the lawn of a home garden with shrubs, pots, plants and trees, with a white wall behind, and the entrance to the house to one side.

Woman sitting in the kitchen while texting

Young woman sitting at a table in the kitchen, while chatting on the cell phone and taking it down slowly until it is covered by the table.

Person storing clothes in a closet

Blurred view of a silhouette of a person moving in the background, while putting clothes near the shot, closes the door of a closet and everything goes dark.

Putting on a face mask, POV

Point of view of a person, looking towards the hands holding a mouthpiece, while approaching it and when placing it covers the shot with it.

POV of a handheld vacuum cleaner when cleaning a carpet

POV from a pink handheld vacuum, as you slowly approach to vacuum a gray-to-white carpet, wiping it from top to bottom.

View from the base of a plant while it is watered

Video from the base of a large green plant near a white wall with a wall phone, as they water it with a jug, and the water falls on top of the lens.

Video from inside a glass while water is served

Conceptual video of the view of the inside of a glass while water is served, while the movement of the water distorts the image.

Pedestrians along a shopping strip

People walking along a shopping street downtown during the night.

Toast between a man and a woman

A man and a woman making a toast with their drinks, sitting at a bar counter, during a date night, in a view of their hands.

Young woman drinking a margarita in a bar

Portrait of a young elegant woman drinking a margarita from a glass on the wooden counter of a bar, in a close up shot of her face and her glass.

Elegant woman drinking a margarita during a date

Portrait of an elegant woman drinking a margarita from a glass at a bar counter, while chatting during a date.

Portrait of a woman drinking a margarita

Close-up shot of an elegant young woman's face, drinking a margarita from a glass, at a bar, during a date.

Face of a young woman drinking a margarita

Very close up shot of the face of an elegant young woman drinking a margarita from a glass, during a date in a bar.

Slicing peach on a wooden board

Woman cutting a peach into slices on a wooden board, in a close up shot of her hands, when preparing breakfast.

Preparing a slice of bread with avocado and vegetables

Woman preparing a slice of toast with avocado, cherry tomatoes and vegetables, in a close up shot of her hands.

Woman cutting a slice of bread for breakfast

Woman cutting a slice of sliced bread, to toast it with olive oil in a pan on a stove for breakfast, in a close view of her hands.

Woman slicing a peach for fruit salad

Woman cutting a peach in half on a wooden board in a kitchen preparing a fruit salad, in a close up shot of her hands.

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