26 Free Laser Games Stock Videos

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Young people playing laser tag in video game center

Two young teenagers walking and looking for opponents in a game of laser tag in a gaming center.

Pair of friends cleverly playing laser tag

Two friends skillfully playing laser tag in a dark place illuminated with colored neon light bars.

Group of friends playing laser tag

Group of skillful boys and girls playing laser tag, shooting and taking cover in a dark space with colored lights.

Women's team playing laser tag

Two women playing laser tag cover each other in a small space on a tournament battlefield.

Young man searching targets in laser tag

Young man looking for targets or enemies during a laser tag battle in a futuristic place with neon lights.

Girls posing with laser tag blasters

Two young women posing for the camera while holding laser tag blasters on a battlefield.

Laser tag team firing

Laser tag team firing their blaster during a match on a neon battlefield.

Shot on a laser tag battlefield

Shot going through a laser tag battlefield in a dark room illuminated with neon lights with young people playing.

Two girls immersed playing laser tag

Two girls immersed in playing laser tag, hidden while looking for their opponents with their eyes.

Couple of friends having fun playing laser tag

A boy and a girl friends, having fun stealthily playing laser tag in a dark room with colored lights.

Boys strategically playing laser tag

Boys playing laser tag strategically hiding and shooting, in a dark area with colored lights.

Pair of guys playing laser tag together

Pair of guys playing laser tag together immersively, moving stealthily, in a dark place with obstacles.

Man and woman playing laser tag

A young man and a young curly-haired woman walk back to back in a laser tag match.

Portrait of laser tag players

Static portrait of a group of young teens dressed in gear and holding their blaster to play laser tag.

Friends advancing in a laser tag competition

Two friends walking slowly looking for opponents during a laser tag battle in a dark spot with neon lights.

Guys having a good time at laser tag

Young friends happily play a laser tag battle with futuristic blasters in a spot illuminated with neon lights.

Strike team looking for enemies in laser tag

Defense team in a laser tag tournament look for opponents or enemies hidden among the obstacles on the battlefield.

Two girls with laser blasters

Two girls playing laser tag walk through the corridors while aiming their futuristic blaster looking for opponents.

Couple of young guys playing laser tag

Couple of two young boys who play laser tag through the corridors of the battlefield illuminated by neon lights.

Girls looking for opponents in laser gotcha

A team of two women looking for rivals in a game of laser tag or laser gotcha on a futuristic stage.

Woman hiding in a laser tag battle

Curly-haired woman hides behind a wall and then runs into a laser tag battle in a neon-lit venue.

Man shooting with his laser tag gun

Young man walks down a neon lit hallway as he shoots at the camera with his pistol at a laser tag tournament.

Man hiding in a laser tag battle

Young man hiding behind a wall during a tournament laser tag battle against other friends.

Girls playing laser tag

Two girls playing laser tag with their equipment in a dark room lit with neon lights.

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